Modern Vices

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oh man this is sweet

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

excellent drawing as always .. keep up teh good work


this is really neat. and it looks as if some thought was put into it, unlike many subs on here. very cool.

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persistently good work

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Excellent! $5

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Oh my! I want that!!!


I am very disturbed that you have appropriated the images of hinduism and buddism and then associated them with vices. It seems to show a deep lack of respect for other people's beliefs.


^what roundredhead said^


Very well done


I reall think this is a great design. I almost wish there was a third figure on the left. Then again, I'm a big fan of triangles.


I think it makes a statement more about Americans, who appropriate images and concepts from eastern religions with little regard to intent or context, than is an insult to people of different cultures. Threadless is capitalism, pop-culture central, so the intended audience is implied by submission to this site. I am Buddhist, as was my family before me, and I am not offended. More amused, as nowadays there are so many buddhist icons for sale at mass department stores, and "Zen Green Tea" everything.

Given the distribution of religions, at least in America, it can't possibly be more offensive than Jesus-joke shirts, which are also hilarious.

I'd buy it.

At first look, I totally thought of Mojo and Spiral from the X-Men/Longshot comics. Awesome.

Mannequin Knight

hah, I thought of Mojo and Spiral, too, I've just re-read the issues of Exiles that had them in it.


Mojo and Spiral are awesome, I like this a lot.


I think the light blue is much more effective.


I am really impressed with the statement I think is trying to be made here. I'd like a little insight from the creator, but off of my own perceptions, I am a big fan of this shirt. The artwork is unbelieveable also.


I think you should add a Blinged out Jesus also. Make sure you cover all religions, as to not insult one particular religion.

Frank Vice

is that me on there?


You have no idea how much I love this. Although, I'm definitely anti-smoking.

Still, you earn a five. Maybe a dollar five; I'm still undecided.


Can I have this one please, please? I'll make sure to buy one for my brother, too!!


Really cool design... the idea is really good, ancient eastern mysticism with modern life vices...

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