Yeah, one of my favorite bands at the moment.
I have their songs playing on repeat in my head. They are crazy good. But listen to their early stuff, because their are bongos. Yes, I said it, bongos. But trust me.

Song to download: Fa Fa, live.
Or Barrel of a Gun.

Watch this
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barrel of a gun is excellent .. Ive seen them live twice one time they did a bunch of bryan adams covers


I agree, Guster is magnificent!


Barrel of a gun is one of my favorite songs ever. Also Happy Frappy. And Ramona. Actually I love pretty much everything they've ever done.

Plus they are amazing live. I'm a little bit in love with Adam Gardner.


Me too!
I love Adam!


I know - he's got such a great voice!


I just saw them live and it was amazing.
Played all of my favorites, besides Ramona and I spy.
Oh well.

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