Girl From The Deep

A girl with long flowing hair in the deep sea.

A think it needs something more to make it extra good. I'm also wondering if would be good for the Bioshock competion.

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Andrew Geddes

A girl with long flowing hair in the deep sea.

A think it needs something more to make it extra good. I'm also wondering if would be good for the Bioshock competion.

Andrew Geddes

I've changed the colours

Can anyone rating please leave comments on how i could improve the design. Just clicking the 'Don't submit really doesn't help me.

Andrew Geddes

Thanks keiraoconnell :)

Version 3, now with sea wavey effects


I like the idea you've got going in v3 but if I didn't already know what this was i probably wouldnt have figured it out. Personally, i liked the v2 colores more.


I like v3 so far. The face should be a little more prominent, maybe add an arm coming out of the hair so you know it's a person. Keep trying.


i agree. the V2 colors were my favorite. the face is hard to see in V3.


v3 is more visually interesting, but the face is drowning beneath the waves. I would make the face larger and less concealed, perhaps more detailed. Keep it up!

Andrew Geddes

I've taken the colours from V2 and added them to the swirls from V3.

I've made the girls face more clearer, do you think it needs to be clearer still?

Mr. Gomez

ok, since she's from the deep why dont you put some stuff hidden on her hair, like shells and little sea creatures, that would give it a more interesting feel, right now when I see it I dont think of the sea at all.


Andrew Geddes

Thanks Mr Gomez

Added some seashells and stuff and tried some new colours


Too many shells.


I'd like to see a larger preview. Make the image fill most of the area, and show the placement by putting a smaller image in the corner.


that looks really good now. It might do well on black too.


i like v6 without he seashells...i like that the hair turns into waves...not crazy about the face, needs to be prettier,smaller chin and nose maybe. it's kind of manly at themoment. but ilike the design

Andrew Geddes

Okay I've redrawn the face

What do think?


Better. I like the lips and eyes.


Nice. I think it's much better on black!

Andrew Geddes

Just changed the t-shirt to black

any final thoughts


I can't say what I don't like about it, I think it's too contained. It need to be more wild, but that's just me, I do like it though.


I'm not too fond of the stuff in her hair/the wave, however you want to refer to it. I think just a couple starfish and shells up near her face would do the trick, kind of like a flower-behind-ear effect. I'd change the angle of her eye the slightest bit and make her nostril a little smaller too, it kind of looks like she's grimacing.

Looking at it again, I think bringing the wave higher than her face would help it not feel so contained, and would give the wave some more power.

One more thing (I promise!) Her nose kind of disappears in the wave behind her face. If you move that line on the wave down, her nose would be clearer and her lips would be brought out at the same time.

Okay, I'm done (for now) :P

Andrew Geddes

Okay, I've altered the colours, got rid of the shells and tried to make it a little wilder


ohh this one looking good.... nice addon of colors


You could try adding some droplets or water streaks at random places around the main design. I think this would make it look less contained.


V9 is the best I think.
In the ones where you 'hid' things in her hair, eg shells and seastars, they just looked pasted on instead of actually in her hair. If you are keen on that idea, i'd juggest to kinda half put them in the hair not on it. It is great to see how it changed all the time though :)


I would put this on a blue shirt and have the hair be the same as the shirt color—go with the quiet, organic feeling and let the design be muted, fading into the shirt a bit.


Also, there's definite improvement all the way down the page. Nice progression.


Hey, this is nice :)


Ah, I figured out what was bugging me - you know how waves only really get all white and foamy at their tips? (Do waves have tips?) To add that something extra to make it even more like a wave, I'd reduce the amount of white in the lower right and increase it in the upper left.

Other than that, all I have to say is - good work!


i like version 7 the best.


V9 2 colours (white and light blue) on a dark blue tee.

Andrew Geddes

Tried to make the waves have more foam and changed the shirt colour to navy blue.

I tried putting some splashes and flecks around the design but it made it too busy and i thought distracted from the central design

Andrew Geddes

Any thoughts, before i shove this into the running?


I think it is much stronger than the original.


i agree with the round shape thing by therecouldbenothing...
I think that maybe (take this as a big maybe) to solve the thing about the odd-ness of the larged curved bottom what if you angled it a bit (from _ to /) and put one more 'wave coming off of the back? just a thought.


It looks much better on navy blue.

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