please visit my profile to view all the details of the larger version:)

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i carnt spel

please visit my profile to view all the details of the larger version:)


Haha, I really like the design. But I wouldnt wear a shirt that made references to anal probes. 4

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hahaha - funny + the added bonus of really swell textures.

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good job, champ!


I wish the text was written in some sort of alien alphabet. I don't want everything to be so literal (and I agree with toasted's comment above). I really like that shadow of the anal probe that you have on your template. I think you should include that somehow in the design. Maybe in a circle with a slash through it... Fantastic aliens! I love them all.


is that sonmis' drawing of you?


The eye monster looks a lot like the suezo from the game monster rancher.

i carnt spel

Phones: hehe nah i wish she drew me a picture:(
shadow_shrine: you post a picture of charchter that has similar Characteristics to one of my charachters, that's it bro, i've never seen it before, or heard of monster rancher, i think these kind of dudes are penciled in kidz books around the globe, are you acusing me of plagiarism or just trying to start shit?


Clearly you really can't spell-that shirt says memomry?

get a clue design

UG. any shirt with word "anal" may have issues.

and YEAH, USE SPELL CHEK PEEPS...evry wonse inna while fer cryin oot lowd.

i carnt spel

sorry need a clue but the only one uncomfortable with their sexauality around here seems to be you. On the spelling issue i was aware of it after i subbed it but because it is loves design and the window had closed i was unable to resub. It is any easy fix if chosen for printing... thanks eveyone:)

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awesome work man, love the chracters, colors and content. anal all the way.... or greek, hahaha


@MK141: yeah.. a real poin for the Zueso character there...

@iCarntSpel: am not accusing you bro.. i just want you to see its similarity.. bcoz its almost zueso.. thats it.. so dont misinterpret me dude.

i carnt spel

ok man... the then notice... part on your link kinda made me think you were accusing me of something... they are nice little dudes. It kinda reminded me of that guy from monsters inc when i finished it... mike lebowsky or something:)

anyways it's all good dude


the eye guy is enough for a $5.
but there is even more awesomeness.


get a clue design

good gloryetta!!!!!

Dude and or lady: you spelled sexuality "sexauality"
I may have "issues" with anal (I DO like a clean room!), but at least I can spell better than a 5th grader.

i carnt spel

haha, mate care factor zero... don't you have better things to do than stare at random screens, be an asshole and point out other peoples mistakes... i'll give you a clue, start by changing your user name. It makes you look like a fool before you even type. If your gonna act your superior to everyone you gotta be able to back it up and you can't. At least my username fits lol, and i probably made another twenty spelling mistakes but i dont fucking care... so stop wasting my time

get a clue design

I guess we have a lot in common then, since you updated this 2 minutes after I commented. No prob, you keep on keepin on, guy with funny username that is better than mine , I'll be over here with my stupid stupid freelance design business name (not really a user name btw), and i wish you years and years of not giving a f*.

For the record, this is not acting superior, it WAS a simple comment that apparently hit a big exposed anal nerve. Just thought it ironic/humorous that in the explanation we had yet another misspelling...but you don't give a f
I can't spell my way out of a bag btw. Typo is my middle name with my 15 or so clients...

toodles. 4 btw...for the illustration!

get a clue design

looking like a fool is not a big concern of mine...please note pic.

i carnt spel

we ave made boitifiul commenns together:P

get a clue design

I love a springtime wedding, LOL.
Seriously, sorry if I offended, was NOT my intent, you have subbed many a good design. Thanks for the laugh.

Havah goot nyte.


lovin the eyeball aliens with long legs....
you do have your angry pants on, kinda funny to imagine all this in a thick australian accent, with aussie vernacular flying thick and fast. I can almost hear/imagine your voice. heheheheeee


oh and rinse thoroughly, remove sexual organs,


gahhhh!!! wrong button,
cont.... erase memory, present souvineer frisbee.
very funy stuff (esp souvineer frisbee;- with compliments of .....)


I was gonna ask if you prefer digital or analog, but I'm not goin there! Bwahahahaha! Cool design... I REALLY like "The Claw"... is that gonna print? I want one! Keep up the good werk! lol


really great, may be a little more small for a tee, I like it. 5$


the souvineer frisbee is what did it for me. now i love this


just remove the text in the light beams ( the words
science and ufo ) and put the dots throughout
the light beams

the suit and glasses are great ! :)


I love the details and the way it seems to have texture, and I would wear it for sure. :)


holy smokes!!! this is fabulous...and funny :)

i carnt spel

cheers guyz, it's great to hear your positive vibes:)

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i carnt spel

i hope no one has been abducted:)

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