the A-ties

  • by jereme
  • posted Mar 19, 2007

Watch this

Love the concept, but suggest "A-tees".....I read this as "ay tyes" at first glance.....

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it'd be rad if you had all the kicking cars from the 80's on one tee, KIT, the A-TEAM van (ofcourse), Herbie the love bug, and I know there are more.


From the thumbnail I thought there would be a bunch of guys with ties on the shirt....


yeah that's comedic genius. I agree with ladyofthelake. Would be cool if it was "A-tees"


definately "A-tees"...easier to read and double meaning (tee-shirt)


I agree, "A-tees" This is such a feel good shirt! The only thing is, I want to see it in action! Like majestically leaping over the letters. This is really, really close to a five. Gosh, I really want to work in an "I pitty the fool," joke somehow; but I'm just not feeling clever this morning.


I agree with the pronunciation confusion (ay-tyes) but I think "tees" would kind of kill it a bit. Maybe would draw too much attention to the fact that it's a t-shirt and away from the awesome cars. Dont forget NightRider.


If people think about it a little longer, that's fine. If they don't get it on first glance, or second glance, do they deserve to get it? It's a good shirt.


Oh, and I gave it a 5. I'd'a bought it, but I loathe the 80s.

Abe Frohman

Murdoc, Hannibal, Face-man, B.A. Baracus. Can anyone else smell the nostalgia? Please fix the wheels on the van, they look like they fell off of a LEGO car (were you going for that look?) Everyone is right about the spelling! Now if someone would put the Grand Tourino from Starsky and Hutch on a T-shirt, my life would be complete! 4 knocking on 5!


i pitty the fool that doesnt like this tshirt


had to be done

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