Is she being attacked, or are those tentacles hers?

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Is she being attacked, or are those tentacles hers?


I'd like it if you couldn't see her breast at all. 3

Scotticus profile pic Alumni

nice illustration... just a little too seductively dark for me.


manga, yes...tee, no.


this is........weird. for some reason the woman and the tentacles are not working together for me. and yes, it would have helped to just have the tentacles cover the breasts instead of adding XX, imo.


Really beautiful, but I agree; I'd like it more if the breasts were covered, and no band-aids...


i thought people might be ready for something a lil more scandelous. but alas i am wrong :(


it's not the scandal that isn't working for me, it's the x's. the rest of the design is very curvy and those x's sort of break up the flow for me. i'd rather the breasts be covered or have actual nipples.


Interesting. I like it, but I think it could be improved.


really cool idea, but i agree that you shouldn't have the XX and also add detail to the space between her neck and her boobs - it is really flat right now

Trimm Trabb

There is a tee here on threadless that has a DJ woman with X's on her nips. People didn't seem to be too bothered about it thwn...


I like it.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

yeh but here the tape on her nipples don't seem appropriate...

while i love the idea for a genre movie...and i really do love that idea...it's not that t-shirtable. i think...

sorry dude.


I like the design, I do agree that the arms (they aren't tentacles people, let's get that straight!) should be covering her up...I think that would make for a more interesting design. I'd also like it more if she had a nose, not just the nostrils, it's a little creepy. Great idea, but it needs some work...I'd definitely want it if it was reworked a bit!


Her proportions strike me as odd. At first I thought it was just that her shoulders are too broad, but there's also something going on with her clavicals and the height of her breasts that strikes me as not quite right.


I only see 7 tentacles....where's the 8th???? This is a bit too sicknasty for me, but the illustration is nice.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

My bet! This should win!


nah, it wont. too many people turned off by it, you should have voted number 2 kaloyster!


this is awesome!!! also my bet. everyone should love it. :D


in despite of what they say I like it!!!!

The Ending

would probably work for bioshock too. nice work! 5


this shirt is so cool, and so creative, but everybody who says so it right: if the X's weren't there, and the tentacles were covering them or wrapping around them, it'd be so much better.

if you follow our advice, this shirt would be bought like crazy.


Eew. Why are women's boobs always represented as "D's". Those 77 lb fun bags will be down to her belly button by age 24


Aw come on! I'm 24 and still holding up. Jesus. I know that all too often women are depicted in an unrealistic sexual way, but so are men.
Sorry. Stop hating on busty women.

Meanwhile, I agree about nixing the Xes and something is odd about the left side (viewer perspective) of her waistline, I'm not sure if it's posture or something related to the tentacle next to her, but it seems somewhat off.
It's interesting. Reminds me of old Japanese tentacle-rape prints.


I feel the tentacles and naked ladies thing is played out a but much. If there was something new brought to the equation I might be interested, but I don't really see anything new here.


Yeah where's the 8th tentacle and why does she look so pleased? :-I


I like the nipple x's!!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awwwww....Newt from Aliens is all grown up and up to her bustiness in new sewer system misadventures! I wish there was a lil' bit o' color on this one, but it aint' half bad my man!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I voted number 2, urban. I just like this one as well.

It's sad some people are overreacting over a pair of god-given ample breasts.

So sad.

"It's just a t-shirt."

- Russell Hammond, Still Water

jhl786 profile pic Alumni

it's only a t-shirt if it wins, so stop using that quote.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

"It's just a t-shirt design."

Better now?

jhl786 profile pic Alumni


jhl786 profile pic Alumni

lol at sevententacles


i like the design but maybe if ya use 1 or 2 of the tentacles to cover her nipples instead of X's. Thats what I would do.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

this is pretty damn cool! i had to look twice to see who did this because it's different from your other recent stuff. very nice! 5!


I don't think it's just the "pair of god-given ample breasts" that people are reacting to, it's the implications.
And P.S., why is it that whenever someone wants to be scandalous or seductive they use naked women? Maybe I'm just being feminist but it seems disrespectful to women. Like all we are are pieces of ass or whatever.
Not to accuse you theurbanraptor, I'm just feeling ultra feminist I guess.


no no.... I agree with you fully Natika.... Just was trying my hardest to bite my tongue.... But i guess its like the song says.... 'if you bite your tongue all you get is a mouth full of blood'.

Thank you for speaking your mind about this one. It's not that you are ultra feminist, you are just reacting to the negative vibe that any self- respecting woman would get from this design.


thats a lil ridiculous of an accusation towards me.
Its actually in a specific style and i dont see how its demeaning in anyway.
its not portraying women in a negative manner at all.


This looks like hentai...


i like it, but it would be better if the tenticles were covering up her nipples instead of tape, the tape kind of throws the whole thing off.


I'm not trying to accuse you, I said that.
Perhaps you didn't mean to portray women in a negative manner, but that's how it seems to me so just be aware that some people might take it that way. We might be wrong, but that's how we'll take it.

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