video killed the radio

its been done but iput my twist on it, what do you think?

Watch this

its been done but iput my twist on it, what do you think?


make design larger... im not sure if center or lower prin is better... but it needs to be bigga!

i deffinatly like the style.


It doesn't look like a video. It looks like TV killed the radio. It should at least have a VCR. I like the idea though.


good idea, but probably needs to be drawn a bit better.


Perhaps make the tv into a video tape?
Bottom left placement is preferable.


I wouldn't change a thing. I like it better in the corner.


it doesnt have to be the 80s meaning i just kind of called it that cause i didnt know what to call it lol


i'm not sure which placement I like better, but the concept is great.


I like the botten placement best but it is still pertty cool


i just dont like how it is on the t-shirt....
5 for the drawing


bottom right of t-shirt.

i like the drawing style. keep it.



i feel like explaining my explanation on where you should put the shirt....

the t.v. guy looks awkward at the bottom middle of the shirt because he is so tall compared to the radio guy on the left.


you pretty much fail at every aspect of everything i could ever imagine.


thanks? why do i fail?


What do you have against Radiohead? :(


I definitely like the concept and the lower-left placement. My only issue is the style of the gun looks a little funky. But if that's your style, definitely at least a 4.


hahaha, awesome! lower placement is best


LOL! that's great! if i was to wear it (which wouldn't suprize me) i'd be singing that song!


Amazing, im loving it! lower print...


This shirt would be genius if you added in another guy representing the internet (a computer, I guess) that was holding a gun to the back of the tv's head. I know the internet has nothing to do with 80s culture, so if you don't win with this design, think it over and maybe re-sub into the regular comp.

Oh, and a darker shirt would be nice too.


dude thats an awesome idea, i think i might do that! thanks man!


Damn! I should have kept that idea to myself!

Just kidding, I think it would be sweet though.


TheloniusMnk: thats a great idea. but i wouldnt have the internet killing the TV but rather getting ready to kill the tv. like setting a trap or making a noose........ actually if you have the bullet coming out of the front of the TV it would be good. but just a gun would make it look like a hostage situation or something like that.

oh and the gun looks bad compared to the radio so i would toutch that up a bit.


I love "Video Killed the Radio Star". But this is totally not doing it for me.

Miss Haha

HAHAHA I like the illustrations, but in the centre, and on a better colour t.

Brett F.

it's all about the Buggles baby!


love it


$5 funny and awesome


I really enjoy it for some odd reason. Giving it a $4 awesome. :D


or well would have given it a $4. tehe. I'm slow today. :D


make the tv guy look as detailed as the radio dude

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