The Aristobots

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I think this is a funny concept, but it's lacking something. The cello seems all by himself without really being related to the wine-drinking bots. The manbot and the cellobot seem to be floating.

At first, I thought your title was "The Artistobots" (the beret helped with this impression) and I think that would be a funnier commentary... a wicked jab at the often pretentious art scene.


Bastard children and poo tossing don't make the society page.


I love the copy - is that on the tee?


I was so excited about this, but I'm disappointed in the lack of vomit and incest, too. it's still nice though, I love the cello robot.


Reminds me of a Futurama episode.

so long circus

woah. me too. that one where they were on the titanic...uh, again.

Cool design though.

Jacks Mom

I LOVE IT! The color choices are superb.. I love the balance and layout... when can I buy it?

By the way... the cello really works and fits in just fine.


i think i'd actually like it better with the text


maybe add a little ballroom background

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