hungry hungry hedgehog

  • by tixielix
  • posted Mar 14, 2007

due to demand i have decided to resubmit this design, however im not sure wat is in need of tweaking?

would really love to see this one get printed so any constructive criticism welcome :)

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tixielix profile pic Alumni

due to demand i have decided to resubmit this design, however im not sure wat is in need of tweaking?

would really love to see this one get printed so any constructive criticism welcome :)


couldn't you make the leaves green instead of brown?
i would buy this probably


I second icebar. Also maybe a it more definition in in hedgehog?

Regardless it's super cute!


I just feels like it's missing something. Can't really tell what though.


hmmm maybe put some leaves on thee apples that are on the hedgehog to make them look more like apples. it's really cute, though! and it got an average score of 3.15, that's pretty good

UK Stu

Agreed; green leaves, and maybe a little subtle indication of a mouth and it's done. I'd buy it, lovely simple design.


possibly more detail on the apples, they sort of look like balls...


I've already said I love it as it is.
How about another color, green for the leaves, maybe?
what about some buck teeth? (do hedgies have buch teeth?)
It got a 3.15. What more do they want?


I love this and would buy it as is, however I do think that green leaves would be good.


Yo threadless I really want to buy this t-shirt so how about printing it already


this design is adorable. green leaves would be awesome.. the hedgie is gorgeous & perfect. im amazed it didnt get printed w/ a 3.15, thats rediculous.


You could move the tree a little to the left so it doesn't hang over the hedgehog, might balance out the pic a bit. I agree with the green leaves and the apples needing more detail.


i would assume leaves aren't green because it's already 5 colors


I really like it. I'm pretty sure I would it. I like it on that yellow color.


*I would buy it

castle profile pic Alumni

Don't resubmit. It will do worse. You already scored very high and unless there are major changes most will focus on how well it did the first time. For me the shapes are too flat. I would certainly describe the fruit more. Are they apples? Think about some textural changes and a slightly new composition. How did the animal get the fruit down? Has he just fallen? Is there some tension that you can bring to the story? Having another color choice would be nice too. Not a lot of people like yellow.

I suggest just moving on to a new design. There are still 50 days left so it still has a chance to be printed.


I don't know why this didn't make it in the first place. Its adorable.

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castle is right u should be proud of the score u got first time round. I just got my first design rejected so if I were u I'd be over the moon with my original score.


I agree with everyone above, why would you resub a 3.15? They've printed things with much lower scores than that. Plus, yours only finished scoring 45 days ago. Hang out for a bit.


If you do resub, I really like the brown shirt and the green leaves looks cool. Maybe a leaf stuk to the porcupine would be neat.


Actually, strike the green leaves comment, I just saw the white part of the apple and the black nose/eye makes 5.


add some more color

i will buy this

white fox

put a bit more shading on things, take a shade darker of the colours to give depth, thats my only suggestion... sweet design

itty bitty tiffy

pink or blue. the hedgehog is just so adorable!


I love the detail of the fruit sticking to the hedgehog's quills. I would love to see that emphasized beyond circles and triangles.


i agree with the leaves being green and maybe a light shadow below the hedgehog, but other than that -- it's awesome!


i love it being simple and not too detailed. i want one!

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