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My first design. I don't think its very good but hopefully you'll all like it better.

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My first design. I don't think its very good but hopefully you'll all like it better.


its great. needs alittle tweaking but good idea



Center placement might be good too, just so you can get the image larger so that the sapling shows up well.


I would recommend using two of the same type of trees, unless you were implying [and showing] that the sapling was a hybrid.


Cute. :]


D'awwwe. :) It's cute.


If you would do anything different to this design what would it be? I'm a big believer in learning from mistakes and other's wisdom.


That's adorable.

The one thing I would change is making the sapling a little bigger or in brighter colors, something to make it more noticeable because I missed it at first.


I'd have to agree with center placement.. Otherwise, it's sweet.


I like this, but I do think that the design need some refinement. I would work on the eyes on the little sprout making them look more like eyes. Maybe make the whole thing a little more detailed.


Plant sex is awesome, but a conifers and a deciduous tree? That's jut wrong.


it's a little dark..but I love the idea


Pretty good first design. My main suggestion, don't put your design off-center unless there's really an artistic reason for it, which there rarely is. Too many people do it, and it's poor form.

I'm don't know what the point/concept of the design is, if it has one, but you have an original style. I can't say that I've seen any designs that really look like that. And that's definitely a plus. You just need to fine tune it a little, and that may take some trial and error until you find something that works.


Oh, duh. Just looked at it again and saw what the concept was. I didn't notice the little baby tree the first time around. You might make him a tad more obvious. Also, the tree on the right looks more like a stump, you should "spruce" him up a little! Sorry, I hate puns, but I couldn't resist.


love the concept...needs a little smoothing out


I think it's adorable too -- and the color of the tee should be lighter.


Super cute idea. I like the 2 types of trees - makes it look like a mother and a father to me, though I see the phylogenetic incompatibilities.

Make the eyes and smiles a little more realistic/obvious. Also, definitely a center placement would work better.


Aww! How sweet! I like it alot, and please keep the different types of trees even if it technically realistic. I agree that maybe you should make the sapling just a tad more noticeable/maybe cuter.


It's cute but... if you don't think it's all that great, don't submit it.


i really like this design...i would definately buy it


I agree... center placement would be better. I kinda did the presentation in a bit of a rush... It was late when i did it.


Yes, center-bottom placement or even just in the center of the shirt is probably better than what is pictured. $4.


i would like it if the eyes and mouth were more built in to the tree, right now it seems a bit stuck on.. but thats just me


illustration is great. placement is bad. and the colours could be changed to make it more vibrant and joyful to math the picture.


I like this. For a first design, this is really good. Center placement would be better but I do like the concept. It's a little rough around the edges, but I do enjoy it.


I think it's cute too. Maybe the mama and papa trees holding branches to make it more clear that they're proud parents?


I love the idea, but it should be better drawn.


Needs a little more developing, but the idea's fun.


Out of curiosity.... how many people are actually voting above 2?.... And did any one at all vote "i'd buy it"....


Above 2, and yes I'd buy it. Of course, I've got an unhealthy obsession with trees and fire, among other things.


I think the sapling needs to be a little bit more visible. Most shirts are meant to be viewed at a glance. And you don't really notice the little tyke.


Totally cute - great first design! Just put it on a lighter tee so the design stands out more. Congrats!


I think it is fantastic! but would like it big in the centre of the T. if it were to be printed like that i'd buy it


Just brighten the background and the sappling a tad bit, and centre it, and I'd definitely buy it!


i think its adorable
maybe on a lighter shirt?

nova black

Hm... I think it´s hilarious that YOU gave very low votes to others. :-D


LOL MooseDinner I'm making that my slogan! Plant sex is awesome! Great! Noone will like it, I can tell you now, but who cares.

Oh yeah, the design. Cute. Make the sapling slightly more visible, leave the trees as different ones though.
Other than that, you're getting a 3.


No you're not: the scoring's over XD
Sorry mate.

a rational jar of honey

For all of the comments you give to other people about how bad the colors are... you are only giving one color option and I don't like it at all! Don't be a hypocrite!


It's a little cutesy for my taste and I don't understand what type of concept you were trying to convey. I don't like the style but I could maybe see it on a children's shirt if the placement of the image was different. But like the person that commented before me said...your color choice doesn't seem thought out.

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