Black Square on White Shirt

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How long did this take you exactly? :]


It's either a bold fashion statement about censorship.... or a zero. Guess!


Your designs get better and better. You should do a collabo with Corporate Design.


this is great, i was working on a yellow one like this, amazing


Woah, I totally bet you won't be receiving any zeros with this one.


I'm liking the sarcasm in the comments - or at least, they better be.

Umm, no. You get a bagel for this one.


I'd like it if the square was smaller, and if it were a black square on a black shirt.

The Crackers

why did they accept this and not mine?


"Umm, no. You get a bagel for this one."

Oh, puh-leez, they're clearly dougnuts.

Which is what this sub gets, hurrah!


not tryin to be a dick, but the fact that i can see the black writing, surely that makes it a dark grey box on a white shirt


Go for it.


I really don't get how other people's designs aren't accepted, and things like this are...


dont u guys know malevich?

personaly it was bolder if u had used the white square in a white t-shirt

Kojima profile pic Alumni

contemporary art

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Jamonit, you are my new favorite submission commentor with suggesting a collab between this dude and corporate logo!

I for one am SOOOOO glad that the designer put the zoom-in feature for this one, so i could see the millions of pixels wasted for such a bland and uninspired design up close and personal!


haha i see it.. it says black square on whie shirt.. in the black square.. uhmm.. ok? have fun with that.. =/



they let this through but not my design?

its cool for the artsy type but not the common threadless user


I much prefer white square on black shirt


Lower placement and off to the side would rock!
Also any other color options?


lose the text and I think you've really got something!


lemonlift on Mar 16 '07 this is great, i was working on a yellow one like this, amazing

how do you work on something like this... i mean the process would be all of 5 minutes


Lose teh text


umm. well. i kinda like it. but i already have a shirt with a cube on it.(see profile pic) so yeah. i agree with section bb about the different colors. i would seriously like to know if there is a point to this or just a lack of ideas.

the one nicodemus

I saw a painting like this once. Only it was an oval.

jhl786 profile pic Alumni

holy crap there's a zoom! this design just got so much more fun~! EXTRA POINTS!!!!!1

i'm going to the roflmaorket to get you some donuts.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

If only you added some nonsense text to it just like Black Spot did, and it got away with it :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Oh my god.

For mac users, you can clearly see that there's a message INSIDE THE BLACK SQUARE and I'm not kidding!

I thought it was just a boring square.


I like the etxt, very subtle.$5


This better not be printed.

And I can't see the text.


Zoom really cleared up a lot for me about this design.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

to all the haters out there... yeah i said haters. Most of the people complaining about how long it took or how their design didn't get picked but this one did. I could draw what you submit in 5 minutes as well but I don't stop in and make fun of your work. Since when was public humiliation popular again. This is a valid design, go to any art museum and you will see a work just like this, its a color study. I wouldn't buy it but I also wouldn't waste the time to write "I'm giving this a zero"

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is a throw back to every modern art history class I ever had to take...

sigh So here's the thing with pieces like these. While some are definitely crap, others actually have some quality work involved. Sometimes there really is a lot of effort and time put into those "black" works and the only way you could appreciate the technique is to see the piece in real life and spend some time with it. A black square on a shirt will not have the same effect. But I commend your effort.


wheres this text im reading about? lol sorry bud this gets a 0


The text is written in black, inside the square.


Lose the text.

get a clue design

It's called Conceptual Art people.

PLEASE tell me the above noobs who suggest to "lose the text" are joking...please, I beg of you.

Has Threadless become over run with 15 year olds who want just pretty pictures now? This is high art among a LOT of low art on this site...both of which I like.


I wish they were contrast colours like red/green, blue/yellow, purple/orange.


To get a clue design okay we get it, we're a bunch of immature teenagers who want cute stuff but the thing is with shipping and handling and the cost of the shirt..there's a very SMALL demographic of us who want to pay $25+ for a shirt with a cube on it.
YES I get it, it's conceptual art but then again it's also a white shirt with a black square on it.
If you're that overwelmed by the amount of 15 year olds on this site you can just as easily use another one. :\


Conceptual art? Color study? I don't know about all that. If anything, a design likes this pokes fun at all that crap, and by taking it so seriously, you're just just becoming part of the joke. Then again, even that outlook gives this design too much credit. It's just something random that either tickles you the right way or it doesn't. I personally think it's clever, but I likely wouldn't spend money on it.

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