Paws at the Pane

Watch this

is the squirrel supposed to be flipping off the cat?


HEE. 5$.


No! I based this illustration off a photo I took of my cat. Albeit my cat is a meanie, she's not "flipping him off." They're just paw-to-paw at the window.

Holly Bees

If you give the squirrel a tail, it will look more like a squirrel.


I want this!!!


Yeah, I could tell it was a photo. But it's darn cute! (though it does need a tail to look more like a squirrel...add one on, take some artistic license!)


This is cute. :]
There is a certain sense of connection.

Plus, cats and squirrels are up there on the Animals-I-Like-The-Most list. ^_^


add a tail and I'd buy it.
I'd love it on silver.

ajiav33 this like E.T. or something?


it needs a tail.. looks like a mouse right now.


a tail would be good but i think it looks like a squirrel. i like it on black. nice drawing. i think you really captured the facial expression of a cat in that interaction.


The cat should blend into the shirt. I don't like the square white outline that cuts off the cat's shoulder.


is that a squirrel or a mouse?


add a tail and it would look more like a squirrel. ^_^ I love it on black~


omg i love this :D

fancy admiral

needs a tail to get a 5, 4 til then


would be great with the tail!


I really like the idea behing it, but looks like a LiveTrace at the moment, would be nice to see with more detail in the illustration and inclusion of squirrel's tail, as it's hard to tell what it is at.

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