Am I the only one who remembers The Noun Song from the computer game Jump Start 2nd Grade? I thought of it immediately(cant spell =P) when I saw this shirt. Anyone else know that wonderful song?

Watch this

I thought of that too! We didn't even have a computer when I was in second grade, but my siblings loved that game.


immediately is spelled correctly here. lol.
ive probably heard it. but i remember the spanish days of the week song much better.


I KNOW THAT SONG! Well I remember it but I don't know the words. That was an awesome game haha and that song was my favorite out of all of them. I didn't like the adjective one.


me neither, my favorite one was the verb one cause it was about a goat eating stuff and my 8 year old self found that hysterical.


i remember the verb one and i still sing it to myself on those pesky standardized test days. that and those school house rock ones about predicates and all that junk..

Salty Rubberbands

Holy crap, SOMEONE remembers.

Noun nounoun noun-na-na-noun.

Heeey Joey!
You're eating a noun!
I thought it was peanut butter!

In a matter of speaaking.. A person place or thing..
Like bread or a chicken wing.. they're all nooouuuuuuunnns-
So you're eating a noun!

All from memory- that's about the only part I can remember.


I remember this song in second grade that went, "I'm a silent E, and you've gotta love me, I'm seen but never heard!" Then we had a rap song about a question mark. We all used to dance and sing along. They should do those things in high school. I'm sure it would boost overall morale.


I loved that song!
I also loved the song about the ruler of ruler land.


Oh man, I still have that game! You guys are making me want to install it again.


You're definetly not the only one..

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