Hoodie sizing?

  • by takoyaki
  • posted Mar 05, 2007

I've bought an XS before, and it fits really well, but I usually like baggier clothes. But on the sizing chart, it says that a size S is only an inch longer, and not any wider. (And the XS is already sort of long on me).

M is the next size up that's wider, but it'd be way too long. Is a S really the same width?

Any comments appreciated. :) Thanks!

Watch this

Yup - I have an XS and my sister has a S; they're exactly the same width, but she has a little bit more weight round her tummy than me and the extra length helps give a more comfortable fit because of that! It has stretched quite well though (to begin with it was too tight on the bust but it fits much better now - and the design hasn't suffered as a result of the streching either)


I bought a hoodie large because I like baggy hoodies (not too baggy though) and everyone said the hoodies run big. My hoodie is quite tight though and I wish I bought XL or maybe even XXL. I buy my tshirts large size and I could even go by with medium. So I would say to buy at least a size up


I'm thinking M now. I'm only 5'1", so it would be long, but...I think/hope it'd be worth the extra length. And getting a S would just be stupid, seeing as it wouldn't be wider, just longer. D: thanks again~

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