Abandon Ship

would not want to be on that ship.

what do you guys think?

Watch this
brett dawson

would not want to be on that ship.
what do you guys think?


me neither :)

brett dawson

thats it j-ray?
i score all your designs for you and you give me is a "me neither"

when i said what do you guys think i meant on the design.
thats why its in the "critique" section.

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

I think that maybe if there were a few tenticles coming up from in front of the boat it might add a bit more depth to the picture. It will also show that they are coming out of the water. At the moment they look like they could be coming out of the boat. The tenticles themselves are looking pretty good though.


the boat definitely needs some work...kinda reminds me of a corndog with a flattened squared top...i want a corndog.

brett dawson

i appreciate your opinion wandering bert. i think i will add some more tentacles in the front. and as for tinahyena. yeah i want a corndog too.

Austin Carver

well i think it looks like a penis...


boat really needs work


I agree that the boat needs some work and that the tentacles should be shown coming out of the water (even though that's kind of obvious). But I like the idea! It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean!


definitely reminds me of pirates of the carribean.
make the octopus green or something, not orange.
and it looks like it's behind the boat, not in it?

brett dawson

thank you ice bar. thats what its supposed to look like.


better, but the boat should have more detail, especially the deck. maybe you could add a few little people in black since you've got the black down

brett dawson

mmhmm. would anyone else like to contribute?


the only change i like from v1 is the octopus color

I'm not digging the sail scribbles

Balty profile pic Alumni

looking better but the water is going to need some work


i like the water
cause it's like a hand drawn pattern


I think the tentacles look a little flat, and I think some of the back ones should be curling toward the boat.

Balty profile pic Alumni

what i meant was that the hand drawn look is great, but so far its making your design looking very flat-- as satardance stated-- try adding some highlights or dimension to your design

brett dawson

what if i had everything in a pattern. like this.


nope, that pattern does not work with the theme at all.


i like the pattern on the tentacles better on v4, but like said before i think the water needs to be worked on.


i actually like the yellow, why not draw the whole animal underneath, it could be cute


here's my suggestions...working from version 2...

1. If you make the suckers on the tentacles on the closer side of the ship the same color as the tentacle arms (dark blue) they will look like the back and it will appear as if the giant squid is grasping the ship from directly below.
2. Make a couple of the tentacles in the back wrap around a part of the ship...this will give it more depth (as others have pointed out).

That's all for now. I hope that helps!


Hmm, i like the conceot, but...i like version4 better because of the lack of polka dots, just lose the polka dots, and then, it'll be amazing!


maybe you should make a tentacle coil around the ship


orange octopus, v4 boat. the octopus's tenticals on the boats facing side shouldnt have tenticals because if its wraping the boat up then its tenticals would be on the other side. add more to the bottoms of the tenticals, they look like they were just kinda put in the water rather than rising out of the depths. im diggin your concept man, keep at it!! im excited to see whats next!

brett dawson

thanks a lot guys. i appreciate what your guys ideas. and im applying them now. keep em coming


I like the orange octopus. I don't like the polka dots or the pattern on the sails.


it's shaped weirdly.

the sails should look as if wind is blowing them. the tentacles should flow, showing motion.

everything is too straight and angled.


I just think the shirt is rather boring. If it's called "Abandon Ship," where are all the people? nobody's on board or in the sea. Plus the tentacles aren't all that threatening. If I raised my arms up at you, would you hand me your wallet? Show some destruction. The colors are good. V4 is the best one so far. The waves could use some love too. you should make them big swirls. Hope that's enough critique for you.


Version 4. I like it.


Actually I agree put people on it.


It looks like you used only two kind of different tentacles and just flipped and/or resized them. Copy and paste is a big no-no on threadless.
Also, if you draw them by hand you can wrap them around the ship much better.


V4 I think is the best so far, but I agree with the previous comment. The biggest problem is not the colors, it's the tentacles. They just don't work at all. They looked "folded" rather than curled, and they're sort of sticking out every which way with no rhyme or reason. You definitely need to individualize them and not just cut and paste.

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