• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

Oh psh! I actually made a mustardy yellow verson of Clockwork Ladybug to put on the burgundy tee. And then I got hungry. It reminded me of a delicious hotdog.

You should put Tasteless Totem on the list! Do it!


Umm... but it's MY favorite! :D


i really enjoyed the clockwork ladybug.


I really like Blue Ribbon... Bigfoot and Friends will be printed for sure

benny breaks

i just don't like the green and pink with the brown and orange.


I actually kinda like those colors - it's visually jarring, which I think was the purpose.

benny breaks

i guess so...the all gray one is best for me...


Rachel! Where did the "dont forget to cup your balls" picture come from?! HAHAH!

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

oh snap...im noteworthy??! haha...thanx...im glad you liked my sub.


Rachel. It looks like the "check your balls for cancer" phamplets they give me at my college physicals where the make you sit on the cold metal table in your buff and watch you piss in a cup! ::gets chills: That hairy text has to go! HAHAH!


EW! HAHAH! It just looks so disgusting! :S IDK why. BLAH


Your "break free" gallery photo makes up for the vile virtual pubes, as you call them. :)



Lord of the fruit flies is just one of the best ever in the history of the earth ok ok maybe just very good 5$


Thank you so much R.R.
seeing my submission on your list REALLY made my day!


Yes. you are.

now all you need is a CROWN.


Yar, clearly. And a crown'd do naught but mar those lovely locks.


Yar, clearly. And a crown'd do naught but mar those lovely locks.


arr double post matey.


thanks for the plug -- in return, I got you an XBOX 360.


and I got you an advanced copy of Halo 3.


i really like your work

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Bounding is a really cool shirt, but it reminds me a little of the monsters in the Oddworld games.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

I didn't like a couple of them...but I scored high the others!
those are the best T's from the new wave anyway!


clockwork ladybug and get your head outta the clouds are really cool

a lot of the others you picked seem to be great illustrations, i just do't know that I'd wear them on a shirt... or rather pay for them (i pay a bit more cuz of shipping and duty)

you should check out The Outdoor Mix, i think it's very well put together

anyway, nice choices and good job pointing out some i really wanted to see since i haven't had time to run through submissions recently


Hey, thanks a lot about my submission! Yeah, I have a feeling that it won't do too well, (mostly because a lot of my recebt submissions haven't done too incredibly outstanding) but I have my fingers crossed.

It's nice to know that someone else enjoys it also!


Yeah, those subs are really nice. but the one I've got my heart set upon is Peru's latest design... I'd definately buy it in a heart beat. :)


i like well a black cat crossed my path and lord of the fruit flies and your totem alot!


Thanks for pointing me Bounding-wards. I hadn't come across it yet, and 'twould've been a right shame if I'd missed scoring.


I'm reminded of littlem's "I'm actually enjoying voting on submissions!" thread.

/agree on most of those listed. There really are a number of ones I'd buy instantly in voting now...

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