Real Men Drink Tea

It is true! This looks really great on a sandy-tan color, but shame shame shame that threadless doesn't have a shirt in that color. Though the grey isnt half bad...Enjoy.

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Escape Artist

It is true! This looks really great on a sandy-tan color, but shame shame shame that threadless doesn't have a shirt in that color. Though the grey isnt half bad...Enjoy.

Brandon Norris

If a pirate does it, it must be true!
Great job bro, I wish I could draw like you.


i suppose it would be lame if i said loose the text...


he is a manly man!! good job


so sick of pirates but the tea aspect saves it.


He's not a real man. He's a pirate, silly!
Draw a guy with long wavy hair whos wearing lots of makeup, and a scarf.
And make it an antique little tea cup.


It's gorgeous. The stripes on the right leg bother me a bit, but that's an occupational hazard. It's still a solid buy.


That poor pirate is burning his tukus on that just-fired cannon, but he's so manly, he doesn't even notice! Maybe he has a wooden rump. 5$!

Frank Vice

great illustration, not so keen on the phrase


that is correct sir! i luv the line work, bravo!
although ide like to see the illustration on a patch of that sack cloth all worn out and frazzled.

Malcolm Man

I would like it better without the text. The illustration already says everything. I'm not against text, but there are too many, "Real men........." phrases.


Hahah I love it. And tea. I would so buy this.

Please print?


Oh and definitely keep the text...

Mr. Gomez

Rock on!!! I'd buy it


love the shirt

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Great drawing! Love it!
I could only wear this in an Ironic sense considering that I almost always have a beer in my hand...5 though!

Jasper Cockelles

Definately keep the text. Is so true, I'd buy it for me and my friends - tea is awesome, and so are pirates.


You are mixing girly britsh tea...and hardcore eat-your-face pirates....

I love it. 5$


YES!!! I'm about the only person in my office who drinks tea! I would totally buy this shirt! $5!


oh, by the by, I like how the tea smokes almost as much as the cannon!


WOW! I love tea, thats my thing with my friends and I just love this Tee. If you don't get it printed plz print me a private one, I buy it! $6


Oh and btw, I hate text-tees but this time definitely Keep the text


And don't you DARE lose the text. heart


This is fantastic, but I think an old-fashioned tea cup instead of a giant mug would be even funnier.

kira the bold

i just joined threadless so i could say right here that this is the greatest design ever! gimme gimme gimme!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Wow. Great lines/shading on that cannon.


Brilliant. If I liked tea I would buy this in an instant. Nonetheless, $5


Keep it as is... it's perfect!


Actually, I take that back... put it on a darker colored shirt...


Don't think you need the slogan, but I love it. And I suggest chest hair.


I love tea!


Oh gosh this is a stunner. Brilliant in every way imaginable.
Whatever you do keep the slogan!
I think maybe a darker shirt would bring up the design better. A darker grey? Perhaps even black but thats only an option the design itself is lovely.


I love tea, and smelly unshaven men with eyepatches.


YES YES YES YES YES YES! Real men drink tea!!

I wish I was a man so I could more readily wear this shirt!!



Absolutely 100% love it. I drink tea myself, of course.

slap me

very slick my brother would love it.


I'm glad you picked the cream for the text backdrop, it makes the text stand out much more. Fantastic work! Pirates are always appreciated from this wench.


Love it! $5
I'd like to see it on some other colours too but this one isn't half bad.
Great job :)


This is amazing. I love it.

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