In bad taste? Probably, but this is more about cause & effect. I know, I could have written something else in place for the text, like "SWEET" or "VINTAGE" or some other safe slogan, but this is what it is. Let the criticism begin!

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In bad taste? Probably, but this is more about cause & effect. I know, I could have written something else in place for the text, like "SWEET" or "VINTAGE" or some other safe slogan, but this is what it is. Let the criticism begin!


Sorry, doesn't do it for me, but then I've got a friend who's a diabetic - for all I know, she'd love it!


ehh. not my style. and definitely not that color. but its a good idea..



very nice


Cool idea...
but who'd want to carry a disease around openly, whether they suffer from it or not?

Sweet design though dude.


I love the sentiment. I'm sure there would be a lot fewer cases of diabetes if people would just quit constantly swilling soda. But I don't have diabetes, and it might be annoying to keep explaining that to people, I'm afraid. Or -- from another perspective -- you might be able to educate people. I'm conflicted.

calculator girl

My brother has diabetes, he just saw this, and now he wants it really bad! Make it so I can buy it for him pwease :)


wow, i could imagine a diabetic buying this, but not someone without diabetes, but anyway, 5$


I'm hypoglycemic, which is an over production of insulin creating low blood sugar- so the oposite of diabetes, but I would still buy it. (Pespsi also happens to be my favorite soda) Awsome concecpt, but I dont think people without diabetes would buy it though


i wont wear something with that stupid phrase "corporate sponser"


Putting your name on your designs is so lame


I think this is demeaning to all people with diabetes. Lame idea.


Demeaning? I don't think so. I have a friend that was borderline diabetic as a result of drinking a leading cola drink. My sister and a good friend are also diabetic, and I can't imagine them being insulted.

Since when did this site become so PC? I guess that this is one of the reason that there seems to be fewer interesting t-shirt being printed of late.

My2 Cents


My friend who's a diabetic already has a shirt that says f*** diabetes so I'm pretty sure that he'd actually go for this design. Good idea. 5

The Mighty Quinn

I gotta agree with both theurbanraptor & stardance - this Site isn't your personal franchise.

The Seelie

I'd buy it for the sentiment that all the sh*t we ingest aids in our own destruction, which is what I think the artist was going for, but I also agree with the sentiment that I don't want to wear something that says "Corporate Sponsor." I like the fact that the Threadless shirts are random. . . not something with a label on it, and so something with the artists' tag on it defeats the purpose for me. Neat idea on the shirt, I'd buy it for the statement alone, but if you're wanting to pump out stuff with your name on it, start your own company.

get a clue design

Ay carumba...Lawsuit coming your way, get that suit nice and tailored just for you. It is a strong icon though & demands attention...which Pepsi's lawyers will be giving you I'm sure.


A good message to send :)


yah...i like it, but is that considered stealing the pepsi logo?


I am diabetic and I love it! So many people are saying that non diabetic people wouldn't buy it-- NOT TRUE!!


lucky15 - i want the f*** diabetes shirt your friend has!

not this one though, just seems kind of lame. maybe that's because i have type1 which was cause by genetics or a virus or i don't know what and had nothing to do with my diet.


I don't think Threadless would touch this with a ten-foot pole, because it's way to close to the Pepsi trademark.

All that aside, I know I've seen this design before, as others have said. If not the same one, then something [i][b]very[/b][/i] similar. And please, people, don't tag your designs. That goes for you too, Marcelpan!


oops! No italics or bold print for me!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i'm diabetic, but i don't dig this. i don't find it offensive at all, it's just not my taste.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wow! Your designs are the pinnacle of cutting edge corporate whore i mean sponsor! Hey, at least you didn't put an allusion to weed with someone else's logo like a billion other sites have done with material like this! 1.


I am border-line diabetic, which is called insulin resistant (fyi). I highly doubt that your friend got that way (if there is actually even a friend in this case) by just drinking soda. You're at risk for type 2 because of a lot more than that. And, I don't think this is in good taste. Maybe, if it were a twinky, I dunno.


Hmm....no. I'd probably be offended if I were actually diabetic.


i had a tumor/cancer in my spine will you make a shirt that has a bag of chemo on and write "cancer" ... i think treadless whould love it...

btw ...

booooooooooooooo to you again


Idunno, what you just said would only make sense if Pepsi was the cure for diabetes...


i guess i ll ask the stupid question, are you dibetic? if not, then what was the point? poking fun at yourself is one thing, but if you are just trying to make some money and are trying to be mean, thats just not fair to us dibetics...


I love it and I'd totally wear it. I see it as more of a dig at the state of consuerism/ad driven consumption and the consequences thereof. I've seen another along the same line, a cancer t-shirt with a cigarette logo featured prominantly.


yuck. I find it to be in poor taste. One of my good friends died from diabetic complications and I don't think she'd like it either.


I think Lemjok has a point, people might not want to advertise the fact. But what if you made it "Diabeties" instead? That would still get the point across, wouldn't it?
I like the idea though. I think more people need to be aware of diabetes and its causes.


Not a fan of anyone branding their own Threadless design.

sooty profile pic Alumni

I think it's great.
don't like the name at the bottom though


I am a diabetic and i personally love this!!! 5$!!!!


I think it's cool...I know a MILLION people with diabetes and we always tease each other about our illnesses (I have celiacs...)


i like Pepsi.


Ironic corporate t-shirts suck. Corporations suck. Ergo, this t-shirt really sucks. I mean, really.


... Uh. I think his logo's just in the image for the shirt. I don't think it's actually -on- the shirt.


as the rest of your designs--crap


Wow, people can be mean. Did you not read the bit beside the text entry box that says "Remember, be nice!"? Cause I'm looking right at it, kinda hard to miss. There's no reason to be a jerk.


out of all of your "vintage t's" this one is my favorite.

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