• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

err, that sounds like odd information you got there... I can't conceive of any reason why'd they burn shirts or bury them...


lol. arethiel, don't be literal! It's no fun.


^^ well I never know with this community

Unrivaled Silence

i kinda like skunk2, not enough to buy one but anyways if they where to burn any shirt i think "Big Time Player" should be burned... bah how much i dislike that shirt


or how about the OMG clothing shirt that will never sell out


lol, that OMG clothing shirt will never sell period.


yeah, i don't get why the reprinted this shirt...

EZFL profile pic Alumni

if they dropped the price of this shirt to 10 bucks i bet it would sell a hell of alot faster.


I'm going to buy it soon


I will not partake in the promotion of turning animals into numbers poor smelly lil animal also there are a few shirts in line before this one

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

because they are amazing, god forbid anybody not think like yourself or against your tastes


well SAAAAW-REEEEEE, catdog!
Here I am, rating 4 on your designs, and you come at me as cold hearted-ly as this?
fortunately for you I am too lazy to exact revenge, and lower the score to a 1 the day before your submission stops getting voted for! So bah!

bah, I say!

I just think there are better shirts then this one that need to be printed. :P


i ordered this shirt.

i think it's great.

in many ways, it's harder to make a shirt of this quality that's this simple than it is to make one of the more story- or cartoon-oriented ones that are more common on the site. you have to get every detail just right. this shirt does.

i also think it would be very cool to bring back more of the older threadless shirts. the vast majority of us are newbies -- it's good to have a historical context to wear.


they need to reprint mp(3) that shirt rocks, and they need to reprint lockness imposter


Alot of people like it. I however DETEST THE FUCKING THING! >:(

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