One second...

Quite a stretch

  • by Sky206298
  • posted Feb 16, 2007

So close. Yet so far away..

Watch this

So close. Yet so far away..

Captain McGrath

Yay, giraffe! I think it's a cute design, you should submit it as is.


I need some more feedback before I even think about it. But thanks!


If I can't say anything nice I won't say anything at all.


I apprecitate everyones comments.


i love this,

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Cute! I think the giraffe is a little clunky looking, though. The neck needs to be a little more graceful.

Also, subbing on just the basic template doesn't go over as well as showing your design itself and, in a corner, putting the design on an American Apparel model or something.


Thanks I was going to work on the showcase design.


It was suggested that my layout was tweeked. It looks abut 70 times better now.


i agree with ladykat, something about the neck isnt right. but otherwise cute


The thing is I did not want his neck to look to thin because I think the image would look to top heavy.

aled profile pic Alumni

Is the mane on the back of the neck not just far too big? The first thing I noticed was that the neck was too big. Don't worry about it being top-heavy, as long as it's accurate.


I truly did not want accuracy because obviously giraffes don't have short pink tounges they are long and bluish-purple. but mabey If I make the mane smaller it would make the neck look smaller?


Yeah, there's something funky about the neck.

Also the faded giraffe in the background makes the presentation too busy.


Alright I fixed the neck and mane so it is alot thiner. I also removed the giant head in the presentaion. Anything else that could be improved? Seriously you guys help alot thank you to everyone who has made suggestions so far :)

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Hey, this looks much better! Nice work. :-)


The neck still starts to bend in a weird place, at least on the tee shirt pictures. The one not on the shirt, but where the neck is cut off by the border, looks a lot better.


Don't worry I would not change the expression. And I will see what I can do about the neck.


Ok I worked with the other problems with his neck and made it less bendy. Thanks again!


aww man..I loved the chunky neck! I thought the first one was great, had more character! Now it's just a regular old giraffe :(


I did to. But more then five people said it was to big so I changed it. Hey you gotta give the people what they want or you will crash and burn.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I think it looks so much better now... and you should sub it!


Before you submit, you may want to think about this- Giraffes tongues are blue.

Not sure if you care, but eh. Maybe you'd like to take that into consideration.


it looks so much better now...i like it after all your alterations


@ minipure
I did say in previous posts that i was not going for accuracy and the i knew there tounges were blue. It did have a blue tounge but it threw the color scheme off. thanks for the concern though!


After much alteration this final design got submitted. Thanks for the help!


it's a little big.


It is a little late :( I submitted it already.

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