Cheap Jewelery

  • by shiffy
  • posted Feb 11, 2007

Watch this

gonna keep shtum on this 1 as well


terrible...u suck


Im Jewish and its not even that funny, and I make fun of the fact that Im cheap due to that fact all the time.


wow, im surprised this was put up here.


Tacky bordering on offensive.


... i think my mom would shoot you if she saw this.. .


yuck. also, not funny.


really, really bad taste


id you're trying to be cute or funny, you're so off... grow up




Cost to create a tacky insensitive t-shirt design... $0.00

Cost to post it on Threadless to be voted on.... $0.00

Pushing all your buttons as he sits in his mom's basement, covered in Cheet-O crumbs wearing a BABYLON 5 shirt spanking it to animal porn giggling about it... Priceless


I didn't know people were still using that term


um...i'm going against the rest of these comments. i'm jewish and i actually think this is kind of funny. tacky, but funny. my boyfriend says that he would wear it...and he's jewish.

meh. it made me laugh.


I'm jewish and I thought this was really funny and creative. This was not suppose to be offensive. Sorry if I offended anyone.


Yeah I'm a Jew...and what's funny family is not cheap...I've not been raised'd like to let you know not only is it an offensive stereo type it shows what class of person you happen to be. Shiffy as a Jew by even creating this you are allowing others to once again find a reason to belittle us. I'm a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor and I know our people don't keep fighting to this day just to let others let alone OUR OWN KIND put us back into that mind-fuck. Poor taste, badly done. Find a new hobby, trace your roots and figure out who you are. And if what you are is a cheap Jew....keep it to yourself.


Wow. I'm also surprised this is up. I don't care who created it. It ain't funny, and it is a destructive stereotype.

dr. loopy94

OMFG this is amazing!!!

dr. loopy94

srry im so mean but its still really funny...anyway I make fun of my own religion all the time so id buy it but...sorry dude slim chance this will win

dr. loopy94

wow these people are touchy


I appreciate the love dr. loopy! I know not all Jews are cheap, I'm not a cheap jew either. I just thought it would make a funny shirt. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


Kinda funny, but not THAT funny. Poor taste, sorry.


Guys need to get over it. It's funny. Nobodies making you buy it.


I think this is really funny!


you people are so grumpy.
obviously, this shirt isn't supposed to be taken
literally. it's a joke. don't read too much into it.

and i WOULD buy it.


I'm Jewish and I don't find this humorous at all even if you are Jewish. I live in an area where there is a very small Jewish population and a large portion of people here acutally believe these kind of stereotypes and shit like this doesn't help.

You could probably get this printed at tshirt hell though


jewish--- and so not amused


there are two ways to spell it

Jebs profile pic Alumni

i am not jewish, but that's not the point: that's not funny...simply.

El Nemo

this shit is hilarious, good work. Funny how these same people saying its not funny are the ones who where loving the "Palestinians Rock" shirt a few months back. Quit being hypocrites guys!


I'm not jewish and I'm not offended.


Haha! Dont mind the haters, nice idea, followed through by some nice artwork. Keep the peace.



I had to scroll up to have another look at it. This is f*in' cool man! :)


Think you should do "Sensitive Jewelery" for your next one, judging by above comments, u've got all the punters you need right here! :D


oooooo girl I will backhand you.......

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