Mouse Trap

Watch this

brings back fon memories! Love the colors!

Frank Vice

Check out my blog for a larger version!


oh I love this game! awesome!!!

caffein blues

It would look great on a t-shirt.

Frank Vice

Thanks for all the positive comments so far :)


This is my favorite t-shirt ever!


it's beautiful! i'd give it like a bazillion if i could :P


I'd definitely buy


i like how it's the mouse in the top left getting the other one trapped

Frank Vice

It's a mouse trap mouse world my friend


I'd really love it if the mice stood out more. Somebody standing a few yards away probably wouldn't even see them.

Frank Vice

There's a gradiant in the background of the small image, they pop a lot more in the large version available in my blog


$5 :)
I hope someone tries to make a grape-escape shirt design


Even More Incredible Machine!


LOVE it. the primary colors put it over the edge. perfection!


oh man, mouse trap.. that game pissed me off! haha.

i am jack.s colon

i totally forgot about that game (probably because i hated it) but i like the shirt :)


that was probably the best game ever.

Frank Vice

I think I only ever played this game once, but I'm sure I had a great time doing it.

staffell profile pic Alumni

this was the best game ever

jet approves

I've been waiting for this to get submitted. $5

Racoon Dog

(: Played it a couple times when I was a kid. Never understood it...haha.

Awesome design. $5


oh this would look great on shirt..very vibrant colours and full of life..


Fantastic design.... I really hope they print it. $5

Frank Vice

thanks again for the positive comments


The blue could maybe be a little bit darker to stand out more, but it's an awesome design and great execution.


I used to love that game!

Super Bunny Princess

Love it! I really like the colors but Im just sad you can barely see that cute little mouse.


It's nice to be reminded of the game - especially because the contraption was sooo cool. I think it could be made even better with some kind of twist to it that wasn't part of the original game.

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