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I think it needs more color and contrast. As it is, it's good, but it doesn't look very good on a t-shirt.

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cool, I like tge use of negative space


it's getting a bit lost there ...thicker lines?


i disagree, I think the subtle colors are really interesting. and i like it on white


yeah i cant tell what it is?


On a shirt it just looks like an orange triangle surrounded by a blue blob


Ahh, the elusive albino cardinal bird. I haven't seen one of those since Everest.


maybe make the lines a bit thicker.. great though!



Brett F.

fall out boy music video?


yeah, i put definitely a version with thicker lines online. maybe the contrast was a bit high on my screen, anyway, thanks for the comments!


I love it. But yeah more contrast.


what is wrong with all you people?!! what is with all these birds,deers and branches around them on this site?Is it like a rule?if you put something like that it will be printed?how many more am I going to see while browsing through?there is not a shred of originality in 70% of the submissions around here.who on earth would like to wear a tee with a dear or a bird?people who vote for this kind of shirt make me sick.i apprecite the author's effort and the craftsmanshift but eventually everything comes down to this:do i want a dear or a bird with branches printed across my chest?uhm,no!!


Pushtouch, this is for a contest, you have it at the right of the design.
I like this style a lot, bu some more features in the face would be nice, as now the horns look kind of weird like flying in the top of the nose.


i love the bird, but feel like the shirt as a whole is a little plain. wouldn't wear- but great work so far!


I love the cool fading effects of this!!! Well done

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pushtouch, way to make the amatuer Threadless person's mistake of not understanding the themes of various contests- you passed that test with flying colors and making yourself look like a grade-a asshole in the process. Good for you! Now never let it happen again or we grill you over a crotch-meltingly hot fire pit for several hours.

About the design, i'm surprised no one esle was reminded of that fall-out boy video with the deer boy in it! I would like that image by itself on a tee, since it needlessly clashes with the rest of the dotted lined and birdie designs...unless you wanted to put the bird on the top of one of the antlers. 2.

Dark Visions

I think too many people would dismiss this as being just another Fallout Boy Hot Topic shirt.



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