Zen Gardens Make Me Angry

Disorder can often be a lot more therapeutic.

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Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

Disorder can often be a lot more therapeutic.


this is cool


I think the broken rake thingy should be closer to the center.


i thought i was the only one! $5


I don't think it needs the rack at all. The footprints say it all.


rake makes it, but the sand lines should continue underneath it. This should be a print.


i didn't know it was a rake until i read moosedinner comment.
maybe u shud work on the rake a bit more.
other than that,i like the idea..very fresh and creative..
it looks good too on tee..


I'd like to see the rake obviously broken over one of the rocks.

I mean the story's complete, so at this point it's just details.

Genius though.


I think the footprints shouldn't be black. Or did he walk through tar before? I'd rather see them as impressions in the raked gravel/sand.


I'm not sure people would get it without the text, but now that i read it I think it's very nice.


Great! Doesn't need any text or anything.


I always wonder about how they get out! Oh my gosh. I need this. Genius.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Really rad idea and flow, however the footprints are too stark. They look like blak vinyl placed on top of sand, instead of foot impressions. I don't know if you meant to make the one upper left rock look like a shark fin, but it makes me laugh. 4


I nreally like this idea..5 and buy.


the execution is great but as a shirt i wouldn't get it because the anger part is so tiny, just that broken rake. if i hadn't seen that, i would have thought the person walked off because they were done. might have been fun to have the sand make an angry face or something. 4


This amazing. It gets more complex the more you look at it, and the textures are amazing. $5, and I hope it gets printed

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Like mezo said it looks like sharks in water, well it's what i thought at first. And yeah for putting the rake on the sand rather than outside. ^^ And I love disorder.


I got it completely, the garden, sand, rake, everything. Works for me.




I agree with MooseDinner. But it's awesome. $5


i like it $4

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Wouldn't this picture and meaning be about 3,001.49380492 times funnier if there were slight frowns, grimaces and overall unease depicted in the smoothness of the lines that the man drew out unintentionally that further made him uncomfortable and pissed about the whole calming garden concept? Still, fantastique concept.


I love it just for the Tōri gate and the tree in the background.

(I've been playing Ōkami)


That's just great! I agree that either the rake should be moved up, or the swirls continued under it, but this should definitely be printed after being tweaked.


As said by Architecture In Helsinki ... It'5! :)

I would totally buy it.


i feel the same way, man! :)


Pretty sweet shirt. It's a lot better than most. I'm not really a big fan of humorous shirts though.


the rake should be over the swirls, but apart from that, great t


Too funny.
Id buy $5


Haha! I like this one!

R_G profile pic Alumni

soften the footprint and its a winner. good idea


Great design! I agree that if this one doesn't get printed, something had to have gone awry.


Great concept, good illo, but the lack of proper perspective as the feet approach the horizon really throws me off and makes it unwearable for me. As RG said, soften the footstep and this will be a winner.

If you've not seen it yet, you might want to try out the new "critique" tab on the submissions page. More feedback faster so when you're ready to submit you already have a following.

Krista x Face

Yea... fix the footprints... XD


Id like to see the rake: half on the ground each side of one rock. as mentioned earlier. the footprints maybe should be the same grey as the texture in the sand. Its a great design I likee lotsee


I love the ideas... the foot print colors definetly need to blend a little more.. more subtle.. and possibly the placement of the rake. please work on it and resub! i want one. :-)


i'm at peace...

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