A big STP thanks!

I got a few sets of STPs, some yesterday and some today, and I just wanted to send out a big "thank you!" to those responsible. If you did it, let me know, and I'll point you back! =D

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you're loved. :P


Apparently so! =D It's great!!!


You should take a special photo for your 500th shirt!


DO you realize you would have over $7500 if u hadn't wasted the money all eveyr flippin threadless tee?


i mean you could get a used car for that much


Uh, I'd collect every threadless tee if I could. I don't know what thatmaybeDICKHEAD's talking about.

The Crackers

you, have enough money to get all these shirts and then you get all these stp's you must be like magical or something


wow. That is crazy. So do u get every t shirt right when it comes out. Some day i want to have this many shirt


wow. That is crazy. So do u get every t shirt right when it comes out. Some day i want to have this many shirt


Okay I really want to know.. why do you buy every single shirt?
Like.. don't u look at the design and say ugh! I hate that design.. I m not gonna get it.

I m just curious.. I understand you might like to collect shirts but if a design is bad or ugly...

(And I m not talking about a certain shirt) I m just curious.. since you buy ALL the shirts that are announced on Monday.


no comment


wow! you have 526 shirts? (theres that many photos) man, you never have to do laundry ever again! hehe which one is your favourite?


Do you use those compression-suction-ish bag things that help with storage, where you put the clothes in it and then hook up the machine where it sucks out all the air...? I can't imagine where you keep them all, other than a Mary-Poppins-style bag that has a neverending standing coat rack, with a shirt on a every prong.


STP's you on 3 tonight!



How many shirts have you been able to buy with your STPS? I would love to be on you list if you wouldnt mind.


With that kind of commitment to Threadless, gamejunkie should be listed as a Top 10 Earner. I bet she's working on a room dedicated to Threadless where all her favorite t-shirts are framed and mounted on the wall. Just like her collection of Air Jordans! To the penniless and those without STPs, she is quite the luminary.


i think you should stop spending so much money on threadlesss and like sponser a child in africa or something


I was just scrolling down your amazing picture collection and I spied a little white peskie. Eskie powers activate!


I share your tee enthusiasm. And I love shoes. I guess it's mostly a girl thing but I know a lot of boys who have a billion tees and not much else.


Oh, and Brandon -- how do you know she DOESN'T sponsor a kid in Africa? Maybe she gives them TEES.

(Just maybe...and who wouldn't want a free tee shirt.)


well i noticed that you said you liked my design... but it didnt make it to threadless... if you would like to order my adorable little bunny... check out my shop :]



How do you get so many STPs? I've been a member of this site since 2oo2 and I think I've gotten them ONCE and I'm pretty sure it was through a friend. My shopping cart keeps getting more and more full, and my wallet... doesn't. :( :(

Ruthless Bubble

i gave you those street team points plz repay me


I just STP'd you today so hopefully I did it right. Not sure how long it takes to credit but it was 11:45 CST on 8/22. LOL.
I wanted to stp you ever since you were the first to buy Only Dreams and I wanted to check out how the colors looked when printed. It's very nice that you get those pics up there right away, thanks!


You're seriously my hero. I wish I could have as many shirts as you. You have a really beautiful house too, from the backgrounds of your pictures.
Also, could you please STP me? I really want to get a shirt for my brother.

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