This shirt= METAL!! The price= BALLS!

This shirt is a big score for us threadless users who are metal fans as well, bu $25 for words!?! I don't get it... but I want it! must rank up STP points...

Watch this

the lettering if felt

check out the pictures


if youre not willing to shell out 25 bucks

you don't really love metal


Threadless is high if they think we're gonna pay $25 for a tee with felt lettering.
And Metal sucks by the way. If you think differently you should go back to 1986 and stay there.


if your really a metal fan i hope you wouldnt wear felt

hello klementyne.

hmm i personally think the shirt is a good price. but its one of those things that only caters to certain ppl. i like the shirt a lot and proly will plan on getting it.
but if u think its overpriced dont get it.
its for those ppl who love metal at heart :]


seriously what hard core metal person would wear a t-shirt with felt?


I'm with you on the metal/flock thing

Now if it was bat fur it was made with...

hello klementyne.

haha. yeah extremely true. i didnt notice the flocked before...but whatever...its a nice shirt.

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ekaj47 on Feb 05 '07 at 4:52pm
seriously what hard core metal person would wear a t-shirt with felt?

they should of somehow used leather or vinyl.

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If you felt the felt your minds would be changed. I felt the felt... it was sort of bat - ish.

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i was hoping for some really stellar design from don clark, he was responsible for most all the asterik studios posters i thougght. this is just kind of a bland design


I am a pure metal head, and I wear felt. I have this demon outfit made entirely out of felt that I wear when I go out for a night of headbanging.
I want this shirt.

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do we have to create our own the blood stains and the smell of cheap booze and body oder?


i've felt felt, we use felt flocking at our shop too, sure it feels nice -
i'm just saying it does not work for a shirt promoting metal music


it's only $25 because of the KIND of shirt it's printed on.
all of those shirts that are "fitted american whatever" are $25.
no matter what the design is.


I just flat out need this one. My friends and I all love metal, and I love that the letters are felt, thats awesome. I really want this. Hmmm..


Metal has great music. And great bands. Unfornately just like the resounding copy cats of today, metal had its fair share of copycats and fluff bands that were crap. 20% of metal was great 80% of it sucks. And this is coming from someone who loves metal, and still listen to it (among other stuff). If metal didn't happen we would never have had the likes of Nirvana or Alice n Chains. Nuff said

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