Orphan the Mime: Little Wonder

  • by oddsea
  • posted Jan 31, 2007

Curious things happen when you don't talk.

Watch this

Curious things happen when you don't talk.


love the mime, love the style. i don't like the rigid rectangle, but i do think it needs the contrast in color. really cute anyway and i think the size works


What an adorable character! I agree with cityauctor, the rectangle needs to go. Great illustration overall.

Krista x Face

I agree with cityauctor and ButterflyWings as well :D


i don't like the rectangle either. but the illustration is awesome.


Doesn't "trompe l' oeil" mean something like "to fool the eye" ... like extreme realism? At any rate, yea, I agree with everyone else on the rectangle. Other than that it's great. =)


simply beautiful! $5 (no rectangle)


Painting of the sketch for my nephew who helped me come up with the character with wild talks about circus performing families that get eaten by tigers.


That white square... I don't like it, the rest is cute


I like the whole thing. I love the layout.


Whimsical, sketchy, delightful. The rectangle stops the movement and flattens the image. I'd lose it or work on the color or figure out a way to make it fit the style of the drawing. $ without it.


Bad rectangle! Love the painted version you did tho, the shadings and gradients give movement to the little boy, that's not captured in this submission. If you cld add some of that movement in from the painting for a whimsical feel, i'd buy one for every day of the week to wear!


I like the illustration. I think I would like it better without the square, though.


Phyllisa said it perfectly! Your painting has so many positive aspects, I'd definitely try to incorporate them more into this. Anyway, it's still adorable.


maybe blur the edges of the rectangle - i think the color contrast it gives is good


I like it a lot, but what's the "trompe l'oeil"? It means to fool the eye, I know, but I don't see where my eye is fooled. Anyhow, it's a five.


lose the square. nice work but a little too cutesy for my taste. but hey, chicks dig orphan mimes!!


I didn't see the square, the rectangle however, is cool. I like it just the way it is.


Sooooooo cute. I like the design just as it is. With the bit in the middle. Its all good... except the colour. More options please?


I actually don't mind the rectangle being there, just the style of it. I wish it wasn't as rigid, but more fluid like the drawing itself. You could even play with making it appear like a wall behind the character like you did in your painting. Even so, great job.



He's so cute.

The rectangle looks nice, but I think it needs to be a bit more softer. Maybe rounded corners or wavy edges. Your work has a sketchy feel to it, so I think the rectangle should have that feel too.


i'd buy w/o the rectangle... as has been said.

Lyf Ling

That is freaking adorably.
With or without rectangle.


PRECIOUS! Love it...two snaps and a $5!


ditch the rectangle. otherwise, love it!


like everyone else has been saying, i don't like the rectangle much. instead maybe make it hand-drawn and only loosely colored in.


why "peu d'émerveillement"? Moi je suis très émerveillée par un enfant mime qui peut jongler debout sur un ballon! Même si le t-shirt n'est pas trompe l'oeil...5 anyways


i like it, but take out the rectangle

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