Until the wolves are away

Watch this

ooh i like...i love her stripe scarf...and her big lovely eyes...
the younger girl...her face seems uneven...
overall i like...


i think you meant to draw her face a little off to the side, but you need to move her nose and mouth a little more to the left.
there's something about the head i just don't like.
but i really like the rest of it.

hello klementyne.

oh this is wonderful. the colors are fantastic. i would totally wear this one.


theres something wrong with the her face. I think it's a little off center or uneven or something. Sorry, i can't really articulate. Or maybe her nose needs a be a little more defined, becuase you can't really see it from far away. I love the colors and that little guy in the corner.


the blue haired girl looks pretty vacant for a protector of sorts.
work on this some more.


there's something too emo-y about this for me.


love the style and can't wait to see what else you sub


Thanks for commenting, keep it up!


Blue girl = arienette.
Weakling hiding boy= conor oberst.



I agree about moving the mouth and nose over... the face is bothersome for some reason. I love the colors of this design, and the Bright Eyes reference. It also cracks me up that the boy is wearing a muscle tank.


i think the girl looks pretty bored...


there's something too emo-y about this for you because it's a Bright Eyes lyric. eew.


I think I tried to make him (it's a girlish boy) look childish and scarred, not necessarily scared. He knows the wolves are still around and that Arienette might not stay long - he doesn't even know if he should enjoy this situation or not.

Arienette has this statue-like pose and face because that's what she is, an immobile guardian against his depression and fears.


but yeah I'll fix her face! ^_^


i really like this design. good job =D


this is cool but only for hip lil ladies

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