hope threadless will remove this message later

i had previously submitted this design but i had later found that i had some technical issues with them (regarding number of colors etc) and i hope threadless can remove them and take this as the final submission. apologies for the inconveniences and thanks a lot.


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hope threadless will remove this message later
i had previously submitted this design but i had later found that i had some technical issues with them (regarding number of colors etc) and i hope threadless can remove them and take this as the final submission. apologies for the inconveniences and thanks a lot.



ya, i really like the artistry here, i guess the timing just sucks. i mean, i was tired of the angel/devil theme even before that one was printed. i guess this is a little more original, but ya. keep the good work coming, though!


yup i totally agree with stubbythumbs, but honestly, i came up with this because i thought, angel and demon designs are almost all the same, so i thought to make something different...

the timing sucks...you an say so but you can also look at it the other way. this is directly something different to something just printed...

but of course, when i did and submit this, i expect to get lots of either nice comments, or critisizm...

thanks for whatever thrown at me... :D


I enjoy your desgins. i love this because it is compleatly diffrent than the others. in this one you think the demon has sudced the angel but its a fallen angel so the title makes me think the angel persued the demon. either way this is a great desgin. keep em coming, 5

brett dawson

i like this one better then the one that got printed. no offense to the one that got printed but i just like this one.


as far as placement goes, I like the uper corner except how far away the halo is; the center looks great too. maybe you'll re work this so the whole angel and the whole demon are showing and then put it in the bottom corner going up one side. You are very talented so please think about this.


i'd buy it if it were the smaller shoulder placement...


wow..this is cool


AH! I ADORE IT! I want one!


I love both the printed 1 b4 and this design... anyway, the idea of seduced angel is totally very awesome!!! The devil's leg is so sexy!!


i like this one. i'd buy it

Oxford XVII

This reminds me of one that (I think) never got printed a while ago. Very sexy man-angel/woman-devil combination ... I like this spin on this one, and if the other one sells out, this one MUST be printed in its stead. Or possibly as the back shoulders version of the one that got printed.


don't care if angel/demon has been done. Everybody has their own twist. I like it.


how bout full bodies?

or better yet, i know what would make this shirt awesome. check it out:
but the legs up on the right shoulder (like on the new Advisors shirt) and then have footprints on the left shoulder to give the impression that the angel walked over to the devils side and they fell in love.

man that would be an awesome shirt.
you do that an youll get $5 from me
but as is, ill give it 3


the shoulder placement option is meant to tell the story of the angel went to the devil's side, seduced...


dude.....honestly, i didnt even see the shoulder option. i must have overlooked it.

i like it tho. ive changed my vote to $5
keep up the good work


of course, id change the color of the shirt. but the design color is perfect.


glad you like it. i do hope i get this one printed :D
(desperately dreamin')


What's going on here? same colors used, same style for the shadows...that is not a coincidence.

Adam B Synical

Great take on a common design. The timing of the submission just seems too close to the one recently printed.


In my opinion, timing is not what matter the most, what's most important is how great can u manipulate same thing in different idea. Even if sinwon really get this idea from the shirt that just printed b4, but hey, people can always do copycats, as long as u can do it much more better than previous work. (no offence to that last printed shirt, i really like that one too!)


Would make a great 2nd shirt to the one just printed. Where one on each shoulder one day, them together on the left the 2nd.


I really like this a lot... even tho they did just print that other one... $5 from me for sure!




I like this, the idea, the illustration. It has a slight incomplete feeling for me though... maybe, instead of the artwork just ending, it can look like they are hiding behind the wings?? I think this would look nice at the bottom & off-center.

I do like this better than the one that was just printed, that everyone else is comparing this too.

Good job! -4-


Is it just me or does the thumbnail remind other people of a tampon?


Something other then white and I would buy this in a heart beat!


Definately like the idea. But not so fond of the colour of the shirt (but that is more of a personal preference).


i just thought that this design might be as 'strong' without the one just printed. in some ways, these two will only make each other stand out, which i think, is great. it can even now end up being a couple shirt. whatever it is, its a great alternative.

hope this gets print!

$$$5! all the way!



i just thought that this design might NOT be as 'strong' without the one just printed.


then again, its just as, if not, stronger...

hurricane hanz

i don't know. it has something about it that looks like the stickers in the machines at the arcade.


I really like it. I like the middle placement better. But I'm sure if it's printed Threadless will pick the best placement. $5


gooood. like the whole loss of innocence thing. definetly centered

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Dangit...this is soooooooooooo much better than the "angel-demon fishing off the dock from your shoulders" lame design that was printed recently. Love the concept, hate the timing. O well, maybe Threadless will wiat a year and print it like they have done with a few other designs?


I so love this... Definately centered, it might have a better chance of getting printed that way, and it just looks better. I adore how scandalous this is ;) $5


I like it the way it is. Just any color but white, please. I like the way this one is done in comparison to the other angel/devil themes.


Beautiful drawing, shirt? not so much.


i love this, more than 'advisors' for sure.
central placement please :]


I like the central placement. Right on with the subtle sexiness.


I'd so it not in the center. That's so blahh.

Perhaps the halo should be at the bottom of the shirt, opposite the angel-thing? I like it, though. Very seductive.


i hope it gets printed too!!! i love it too death. cuz it really is true, greatness, however it gets made doesn't matter, i want it :)

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