This was one of my favorite shirts i got. I only washed it once with only blacks. When i took it out there was this orange stain all over the back. Like someone poured bleach all over it. There was nothing in my washing machine that could of bled onto it. Has this happend to anyone else??

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You certainly didn't leave any eyeliner in pants pocket.


are you using any sort of face or acne medication/soap?



no eyeliner in pocket...
and no acne medication


this happened to one of my threadless shirts. It also happened to a bunch of my other shirts. It turned out to just be my washing machine.


it's not about the shirt, a lot of my favorite shirts have gotten ruined that way.


hey who f*cking cares one ended up the same way...cept the bleachy spots were ALL OVER THE FRONT. grr. and i don't even own bleach, i tell you

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