new here

I submitted two designes recently.. one was declined because it was "too large to print." I've seen some pretty large designs on here.. but whatever. I'll just have to submitt something similar but smaller.

I'm still waiting approval on the second. We'll see what happens with that one.

Stinks about the first one.. I liked it!

Watch this

shrink it-resub it-voila!


did you read the submission rules and use the template, etc.?

and welcome :) waves


hello. good luck with your new sub, and keep trying if this one doesnt make. something with make it in time


the file itself is the right size.. but the design I suppose was too large.. it was full front and warpped around the back. maybe it was file size. i dont think they would have let me upload it though it was too big then!!

I'll just have to try re-sizing the actual design.. which is do-able!

Thanks for the welcomes!! :)


welcome!! ya-da-da-da tap dances

thats a good welcome even i didnt get a tap dance


thanks for the dance!


Who's hungry?


why... why.. why would you do that to me?!?


that pic was so wrong (of the bugs) i will never look at this thread ever again lol


It's a chinese delicacy, I was just trying to be nice!!

runs away sobbing


ps. just added you on DeviantArt, i'm bunsmaster


I have to scroll really fast down to get past the icky picture and see my new comments!!

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