bad luck for me

  • by OlliRudi
  • posted Jan 22, 2007

guess this is out of the question now:(

Watch this


ladykat profile pic Alumni

yeah. :\ and a couple other people who had similar designs...

it's a clever idea, though

The Crackers

sorry man, haha it is out of the question


Ste7en profile pic Alumni

thats odd they printed this considering ross told you outright that the idea was cliche and practically said it wouldnt be printed even though it was well done

tesco profile pic Alumni

la fraise will have it, they seem to like printing very similar shirts to here


i was totally thinking about yours when i saw this, look how simple the one that got printed is, i guess the idea is pretty nifty though, doing only half of it

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Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

They are both good. The printed one is subtle. Olli's one is damn funny. I thought I saw another one with also great execution -- can't remember who done it.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Sorry Olli! I really liked your's much better! I'd feel jipped if I bought the other as there doesn't seem to be nearly as much effort... also theres hardly any print on the shirt it's so small.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

there, i resubmitted it to "the french place". hopefully it will pop up pretty quickly.


I like yours alot.


i had this idea too, but mine would have had little golden feathers left behind on one shoulder and scorched hoof prints on the other side.


Like this design better, however the placement is more clever on the one printed. They are actually on the shoulders which I think is kind of the whole thing. Might have liked just your "talkbubbles" (poor translation) coming down from the shoulders.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

i wish they'd release more photos, i predict the printed one looks kinda weird when it's in full view without the dramatic lighting


Aw, I would have actually bought yours. I love the linework.


Their both good but yours takes more talent

abeadle profile pic Alumni

yours is like 50,000,000 times better

abeadle profile pic Alumni

sorry, that was mean to the nice designer, and that came off bad...i am just partial to yours. :)


yours got a fiver from me, man.

funkie fresh
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but i like this one betterrrr


funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

but i like this one betterrrr (meaning yoours)


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