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  • by Bragino
  • posted Jan 20, 2007
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This is a little scary and may not be the "cutest" shirt that threadless has ever seen but if you read what Josh said in his Bio on this site you'll understand where the image came from. Check the link above to my blog if you want a closer look.....Thanks for voting....commments are always welcome........


i like the birds... the style and detail is great, but the image itself is not for me, i wouldn't wear it.


wow, what a fabulous illustration!


bigger the better i say


The guitar-tree and birds are great, but the Josh-wolf morph is a little too ugly for me! I would prefer the design without him - say just the tree (maybe smaller) up one side of the shirt. For some reason your image reminds me of "Bone of Song", though that's not from the Animal Years album.


i like the style and pencil sketch quality it has..nice work


I don't like that he's wearing a bowling shirt. it's cool, but a little scary for me. it's something that looks better on paper than on a shirt, I think


I like it and the size for me is fine but not on cream.
A more green or black to it?
Maybe even midnight blue or eggplant purple?


This is great! I love the sketched look to it; really nice. I would definately buy this.


It looks like Josh Ritter if Josh Ritter were posessed. It sort of bothers me. In any other context, I'd totally be there. Just not this time.


i love the drawing a lot, its excellent
but definitely not for a shirt
maybe a poster

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I need to chime in here quick. I absolutely love all the feedback that I have been getting on this design. I can't say that I didn't expect exacty what has been said. It is probablly a better poster than a TEE. With that said I have a redesign of this that is waiting for approval from the Guru's at Threadless. It will be up soon. It makes a much better shirt..................


hm, I like the style, and I dont mind the "creepy factor" (


creepy... made me think michael jackson actually when I looked at the face. I'm not sure what I would expect from someone wearing this shirt.


I think its great!


Wow wow holy line work - it gives it a quiverng feeling - like that someone just walked over my grave feeling. Again wow - your design has great presence


::::::me waants the Precioous:::

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Love that comment Jnet, it in itself is precious (no pun intended of course). Makes me laugh. Actually if I drew Gollum there would be no holding back on the creepy factor. I'll go out on a limb and say it would be downright haunting...............Do haunting shirts sell on this site? I can do evil well. Maybe the next one will explore just how evil it can get?...............

bootless maundy

why does this make me think o f meatloaf?? anyone? lol


i love the lines!! crazy! :)


Scary. but good.


wow great illustration. wow.

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