• by brandonjw
  • posted Jan 17, 2007

A satirical approach to pop culture and current events...

I hope you are entertained and you would buy this shirt!

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A satirical approach to pop culture and current events...
I hope you are entertained and you would buy this shirt!


clever... maybe make the wires coiled? or a timing mechanism more apparent, like on cartoons? (maybe I am old fashioned?) nice commentary however!


Kinda... scary. In a sad, realistic kind of way.


i like the girl's pose.


and the bomb on the guy doesn't look like its attached to him.


very stupid


its good. little scary though.


its DEFINITELY NOT stupid. I think its quite genius. Although I have mixed feelings about it because its such a current problem. Maybe its too soon to poke fun or make this kind of statement.




Wanna know what's worse than a satirical t-shirt? A terribly illustrated and poorly envisioned satire of one of the most over-satirized symbols available today.

Actually, I can think of what would make this shirt worse. A Che Guevera skull with paint splatters and swirlies holding a gun while birds fly above him kissing a girl who is bleeding from the hole where her heart used to be. All placed in the lower left corner of the shirt.


I would prob get rid of the gray circle behind the people (forgot what thats called).


I think it's a 'Do Not Enter' symbol.

As in 'Do Not Enter' shit like this ever again.


Man, take it easy on the guy...

it's not a bad idea. In fact i could see Banksy taking on something in this vein. But I dunno... there's something about this that is not connecting. It doesn't all seem to mesh. But Dellex is right... lost the "Do Not...." sign. I think most right-thinking people know that blowing yourself up with the intent of taking out other people as well is wrong. And the ones that plan on doing it won't look at this shirts and say, "What? I can't do this? Oh, Ok then..."


well...we just had a bombing in israel....
im not sure im with u in this sub
also please ho please stop with these ipodmania look a likes


doesnt do it for me. for satire this blunt and offensive to work, it has to be reeeally funny, and this isnt. sorry. do not enter doesnt go either


yeah...about that.


"hey, abdu? wouldn't it be funny if I bought you and me a shirt with two people wearing straps of dynamite?"




What's the satire supposed to be? Changing an ipod into a bomb isn't, in itself, satire.


i LOVE iT!


i'd wear this if it didn't have the grey 'no' symbol in the background.


sorry, i think this is beyond tasteless

nicely done, wrong subject matter


there dance is from the 80's


AH! that's terrible! lol, but it would make more sense if the chick had a burka eek shame on me. lol. wouldn't buy it, but still kinda neet :S

I dont wear t-shirts

I think the "no" part needs to be a little brighter, more clear.


why would you think this is funny or satirical or entertaining? suicide bombers - yeah, haven't laughed so much in ages....


clever execution... touchy subject... and it's a parody, not a satire

The Ending

Meh... when people are still losing the people they love every day from sucide bombers all over the world, its not so funny. Im sure you didnt mean to offend. But think of the familys and lives torn apart. You wouldnt take too kind to a guy in Iraq wearing a satirical take on 9/11 im sure. Im sure you didnt mean to offend.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

theres suicide bombing now, there was suicide bombing in ww2, there will be suicide bombing in 50 years. Stop being so sensitive about shit you aren't even a part of.

It's amazing, people will allow someone down the road to starve to death but they'll get politically correct about this bs.

Btw that doesn't mean I like your design.

The Ending

Oh thats fine then bananaphone, since its been going on for a long time its fine to laugh about. Since its not MY family or friends directly being affected I cant ask for a little compassion to be shown by the rest of the world. Most people dont ALLOW someone to starve to death. On that same note it would not be funny to do a satirical design on famine even though it has been happening since life has been around and it has not directly affected me.

Brett F.

oh that's horrible


Wow that's really dark. I like dark and creepy but this gives me some pause. It's a bit insensitive don't you think? It makes for an interesting commentary but I don't know if it would be appropriate for a t-shirt.


Lets not celebrate this shit or glamorize it. Smart par0dies are great, but suicide is chickenshit. Taking others down with you is insane. Even Ronald Mc. D as a suicide bomber would piss me off. I've seen the "i-pope", and "i-jesus" shirts in Europe, and those are funny. You're smart enough to get your designs on this site, but the suicide shirts have got to stop. Have some respect.


the girl reminds me of Elaine (seinfeld)


If you can't laugh at something, then all that's left is a defensive attitude and intense anger or hatred. The reason that there's so much bullshit going on between nations and in the middle east is because people take their beliefs so seriously.

You can respect someone and still laugh at them. Friends may often make light-hearted remarks to jab fun at each other, and hell, it doesn't half make life a lot easier and more enjoyable.


Oh, and the design is yawntastic. I'd suggest a re-sub with more skulls please.


kind of overdone


Copyright infringement?


The whole i(Insert something here) fad is older than Jesus riding the dinosaurs.


I don't think it's copyright infringement because it is more satirical I guess. Overall I think it needs to be simplified. It probably doesn't need the circle line thing or the iExplode thing either.


Haha, it's hard to provocate people with T-Shirt prints these times but this one does :)
I like it, still I wouldn'twear it.


I don't think this is funny, I think this is pointless, and about as sharp as a hammer. My point was more about not taking things too seriously. You can laugh this off as poorly conceived shit, rather than HOLY MOLY THIS IS AN OUTRAGE THESE GUYS R GOONA DETONATE!!!!

You know people tried to sue the film company behind Lord of the Rings for calling the second film "The Two Towers" because it mocked the 9/11 incident? That, to me, is not cool. It provided me with some amusement though.


silhouettes of terrorists would make this shirt a classic haha


lose the grey circle and its a good one.

Poor Richard

$5 ~ ~ I like it. It gets people talking, obviously.

The way I interpret it, is not that terrorism is funny, but that both iPods and terrorism are prevalent. Clearly, the international anti symbol indicates that blowing yourself up is not good.

Unfortunately, children in the Middle East are indoctrinated to see these suicide bombers as heroes, just as we see our sports figures.

I think the way people are treading eggshells around terrorism is dispicable. There are groups that take ideology to an extreme and they are the ones you should aim your negative comments toward.

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