Song of Animal

  • by osmoshi
  • posted Jan 17, 2007

Watch this

when i think sax/jazz music, i don't really think farm animals... but, maybe that's just me.


this piece is actually a conceptual design. where i would say that the music is so nice till the animals would love the music so much. that's why it's called song of animal.

music that even animals would love it like how we love musics.


I like the design, but not the placement, seems a bit awkward under the arm.


um, i'm with amoania. cow?


so, the animals are going into the sax...?


i agree with adamoveracker.... good design, not so good placement.


i guess i have something wrong with my placement of my design.. i will work out on that part,,

Rain Dance

i like it all but the animals


really nice...


yeah I like everything about it except the animals.


I like the concept but: the animals should be turned around so they look more like they're coming out of the instrument, and the instrument should not be a sax.


i just don't like the positioning on the shirt... the animals are actually a very intersting element... i just don't think the style in which they are depicted really suits the overall image... they just aren't incorporated into the picture very well...


I really like this. Not sure I'd wear it. But it's very artistic and unique. I could see buying it for someone.. so $5


I dont understand why there's farm animals on this but I really do ike the design. 4


I kinda like it. I wasn't sure about the placement at first, but it's starting to grow on me.


It kinda "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

Why does EVERYONE on this site insist on doing silhouettes? Come on, more creativity!!


Maybe just moving the placement to more on the front, rather under the arm?
The animals don't do it for me, I'm sorry. At first I thought, "right on," but then I was distracted by the (dog? coyote?) animal about to jump into the sax.


reminds me of the itunes commercials.


hahaha animals seems very weird to be putting in there...maybe if the splatter had more of an animal look to it the message of "even animals like jazz" would come across better. unfortunatly, the way it is now just seems silly. maybe wild animals would be a better choice too.


the placement is awful.

Hi Im Lizzay

i would totally wear this love it

Hi Im Lizzay

i would totally wear this. love it.


I'm with those who said it's in an awkward spot. Most of the time, that's where my arm is. Change it to the front but over in the corner or something. Nice design!


hm... those animals look a little stiff to me. Make them move!


I like everything but the animals. I know its for the theme of the contest but there has to be a better eway to execute them on the shirt. I personally don't want them there in the first place.
Also the sax looks a too skinny.


Practic safe sax.


J-Ray thats kind of true.. safe sax.. hahaha i love the word for it..


in jazz, you say that someone is an animal of a player
or simply just "an animal" because of their inprovisational styles or tactics...

that part is fine.
but whats with the music stand / extended arms ?


Over the years i have seen way too many silouette animals than i care too have seen. Sorry.


the design is pretty sweet...the animals seem a bit tacked on...I dig the rest though

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