i love this but....

i love this, but the grip on a samurai sword is reversed.
you have your right hand in front.
as a samurai enthusiast (with samurai decendents) i wish i could wear it, but just can't bring myself to.

Watch this

i just noticed this recently too. i thought that perhaps the image was reversed during the process somewhere, but if that's the case then the lower one's shirt is incorrect


I'm sure there were some crazy disreputable schools who reversed the grip. The artist is probably a southpaw.


As a kendo practitioner and general Japanese sword enthusiast, I noticed this too. It's damn shame that they didn't just flip the image when they did the reprint. That's all it would take to fix it.

The artwork is sweet, but I wouldn't be able to wear it like that.


i'm with you HyundaiLikeSunday.
it's SO COOL otherwise. but now, it just kinda looks awkward.


You think someones going to get that close to your shirt and inspect every little detail. Its a shirt.


hey, man, it bothers these people, and they're the ones who wear it. that's reason enough.

If the threadless biggies see this I'm sure they'll flip the design next time.


i hope they do.
i would buy like 20 and give them to people
for presents if the design was flipped!


You people are morons and nitpickers. Grow an imagination. Yes, I know most ancient cultures repressed left-hand use but that doesn't mean a couple of samurai couldn't have slipped under the radar. Accept this at face value: you're not buying something from awesomehistoricallyacuratesamuraishirts.com, you're here at Threadless, and this is without a doubt the dopest design they've ever printed.


Again, its a bad ass shirt, but if I wore that around other sword-arts types, they WOULD notice and I'd look like a fool. Especially the Japanese 8th Dan senseis (or 5th Dan for that matter.)

It's not about having "imagination" or what some samurai might have done. It's about respecting the art and being historically accurate. With the amount of fake/questionable martial arts crap out there, it does matter. It's the kind of thing that seperates those "in the know" from those who haven't a clue.

And like I said, it could have been an easy fix. Oh well. Maybe next time :)

Oh and is it just me, or would this shirt look even more badass as white on black?


um, ancient culture?????
samurai were around a little over 100 years ago.
probably around the same time of your great granfather....
you call that ancient?
ALSO, if a samurai were to use his left hand, he probably wouldn't have lived very long OR been respected. actually, if he was IDIOT enough to use his left hand, he probably would have comitted suicide out of shame.

don't call me a moron -
it's the equivalent of having a Lord of the Rings t-shirt with Barney on it instead of that gross midget creature.
see, I show my LOTR nerd ignorance, and you show your ignorance in 1. culture 2. history 3. martial arts 4. aesthetics.

check mate


Please excuse my ignorance, but who cares? It's a very well-executed illustration and a wonderful shirt. End of story.

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Dudes chill out! It's just a shirt...

I'm really happy that you like the design.
I originally drew it with right handed grip and with the left side of the kimono wrapping over. However after scanning while i was placing it on the shirt template, I felt that mirroring the drawing really helped the composition. I made a choice where overall look and composition were more important than "historical accuracy"...

I can totally understand that some of you may be bothered by that. And I can relate to it to some extend... But as I say it is just a shirt ^_^ I am glad you guys pointed that out and I'm sorry it bother you. I'll be more careful in the future. just don't flame over it...




If you fight left handed it will give you a very real advantage. Historically this has been the case for many attempting to steal the upper hand. Musashi was most decidedly not squeamish about using left handed stances. It's a cool design, and I can see how two samurai would shift hands to combat a strong fighter.

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Details like this aren't really that big of a deal. It's a SHIRT.

Now, if we're gonna be nit-picky let's talk about the blinding shirt color...

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