The Fountainhead

Who has read that one book of Ayn Rand?
I am half way through and it is fantastic.
I am architect and this book is blowing my mind...

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My favorite book ever. I'm in the process of reading Atlas Shrugged now. I'm curious, how have they effected you as an architect. I know they've effected me alot as a designer.


i couldnt get thru it in a timely fashion
which made me upset


ayn rand's books are usually excercises in contemporary flatulence.

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I didn't really state my question that well, I was just so excited to talk to somebody who had read the fountainhead, that I hurried through my comment. How has what you've read effected you? I'm especially interested in your opinion, since you're an architect. Do you think it's possible to live up to a Howard Roark mentality?


I never finished it. Granted, I tried to read it when I was 15ish and outside of school, so that might have helped my not understanding it, and giving up about halfway through. However, Roark did remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright, in that they both seemed like bits of jackasses and brilliant at what they did. I like Rand though, hehe.


to live up this way. hum... I do not. My goals aren't the ones of Roark. I am stupidly too altruistic. Or maybe I am wrong and the altruist is a Roark minded. I did not finish it yet and keep on thinking of it. I am seeking my goal as an arch, as a human being. Not money. Get people a real decent shelter. Speak my mind to them. 'Teach Them my beliefs in good arch=good shelter.

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