• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

it takes time.


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some will never get printed, others may have been printed already but only for the 12 month club and are therefor not available as regular retail shirts. were you looking at any in paticular?


thanks. there isn't really one in particular, but there was a lot of unprinted ones that were already scored that i liked. whats the average scoring they need to get printed?


anything really. God Hates Techno had a pretty low score, but was still printed while some of the highest scoring shirts haven't been printed. So, it kinda depends on the number of $, the season, and the opinions of the threadless staff.


I don't think the NEED a particular score...but usually they're in the low threes. Or really high twos, if they're lucky.


wow i suppose its going to be months then before they start printing some of the already scored designs. thanks guys, oh yea and how often do they release new shirts. sorry i'm kinda new to this site.


Every monday.

And no worries, we were all new once.


ok thanks, i'll see what they have tomorrow then.

i knew about this site months ago, but i just now got a prepaid debit card, so i got excited now that i can order the shirts. the only problem is with the sale, everything is like sold out.

funkie fresh
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are you hinting something label? is it dreams?!

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do you guys already know the colors???
And unfortunately none of mine have been chosen for printing yet..

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