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The most amazing thing ^_^

Hey, i dont know if anyone will think this is super awesome amazing like i do, but you know how some people like find jesus' face in there toast or eggs or whatever, well i found somethin so amazing, its like a slice of bread, with a vagina!!!!!

Check it out ^_^

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Frank Vice

since its almost your birthday i will allow you to live


I found the face of jesus in a dogs arse.


Let me live?? LOL if youre sure..... ^_^ That bread is goin on ebay! heheh imagine that, surely some idiot would buy it


Do we have to ask if you have tried it out yet?


i found my wedding ring in the dog's poo.

oh wait...nevermind


LMAO tried it out??? Dear god no that would ruin the magical bread!!!!!

Im tryin to figure out a way to preserve it so it doesnt go moldy though. Ill pass it down to my kids, hahaha the legacy of fanny bread lives on


that's not a vagina! it's the lips from this show!


Hahah true enough it does look a little mutated, imagine you brought a chick home and she had that in her pants O_o

Seriously, crusty vag ¬_¬

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