"I love you as a friend"

  • by sirjuanda
  • posted Jan 05, 2007

Have you ever declared your love for that special person and you've got this answer? yeah? Welcome to the broken hearts club!

I hope you enjoy my first post.

Watch this

been there buddy.



aw, yes everyone's been there, I think.

the egg-shaped head is a little odd, but I still like it a lot.

mighty moody mut

onother very nice idea in the new subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mighty moody mut

onother very nice idea in the new subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nice concept...and yeah I can relate to that guy.


Nice, keep it as is




I love the idea and the graphic. Why a carrot though? Like the egg loves the carrot?? I'd like to see the rain of words be different sizes. I think it'd look more like rain rather than a blurb of text. I'd love to see a resub on this one.


I don't think it's a carrot I think it's a flower with one of those paper wraps around it (the kind that is normally around a whole bunch of flowers).


haha its a flower but perhaps another one added would make it clear, the second time I looked I saw the "carrot" . I like it though.


Dude. I totally feel this. You captured that whole "friend" niche quite nicely.


Makes me think of my son's least favorite line- "you're such a nice guy"...you nailed it, nice job!

Super Bunny Princess

Wow, I thought it was a carrot at first and I had to really look to see it was not. I thought it was strange for someone to have their heart broken by a carrot...


this is great!


bit too emo for me, i don't need to advertise me hardships to such a sad degree


Has anyone submitted a design with just a heart on a sleeve? That's the distillation of this


i love the idea of the words raining down on him, but i think the font should be softer somehow. $5


it looks too much like text and not enough like rain. Maybe leave more space between words or make the font less bold or something.


T-T ...this is too sad for me. xD cute though


Aww. Sweet idea...been there too. I think rhombus is right though. The words need to be more spaced out...or maybe space the letters in the words more to resemble rain.


I want to love this... but I really don't think I'd ever wear it. Maybe consider a funkier font or some variation there of some sort... and I feel like it could be placed better. 5, nonetheless, very cool idea.


I love this idea, but there is something about the guy i don't like...maybe too cartoony? i like melancholy so maybe i wish it were more delicate and sad, not quite as "cartooned." love the idea.


wow, love the concept! I agree with Saved Eternal though on spacing the words out though.


This needs to be printed.


different typography, and yeah probably something i wouldnt wear although i can relate to it


I don't think I'd wear it. But I do love it! $5

The Ending

I dont like the Arial Bold font. Nice idea though. Change the font i think.


i agree with all the above, LOVE it but wouldnt wear it.


man this strikes way too close to my heart to ever wear, but a damn good design nonetheless


Cute idea. I like the flaccid flower. The text is too straight, not rain-like enough and I think the fellow needs to be a little cuter or weirder or something. Then I'd want to squeeeeeze him!


awwwh. how cute.
sometimes i'm feeling right the same way.

awwwwh. geeez. no i'm sad... xD
hm, it's a great picture, but I think i wouldn't wear it - it's to much giving away of me :X


not to be weird, but jamms710 up there is freaking hawt.


Very cool idea, but something about the colors bugs me...
I'm not sure exactly what it is.
Anyway, $5.


I would buy this in a second if, A) it were printed and, B) it weren't vertical, because you'd have people looking at your shirt tilting their heads horizantally. Maybe put the cloud in the top right of the shirt and the guy in the bottom left and have the text slanting down?


thanks for all the ideas and comments to improve the design! your pieces of advice are very important for a newbie like me!



tell me about it.......

nice design


I really like it, but I agree with previous people, if the text was even slightly slanted it would be much better! It's a wonderful idea

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