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Voyage to the Bottom of Deep Space

  • by hannaugh
  • posted Jan 04, 2007

Deep sea, or deep space? You decide. The two are very similar when you think about it... Look at my photos on my profile to see my original watercolor that this shirt design came from.

Watch this

Wow there are hardly any comments... this is weird.


I love the design. I don't like the rocks/bubbles connecting the two. I think if it were two seprate parts that came cloce to touching but had a clear space inbetween them then it would look better. $4


i think the message is good but not entirely portrayed


I love it. I'm doing a textiles project at the moment based on the concept of space meets deep sea treches. Lovely.


love the design but I would like some more colours. Ur original watercolour one is beautiful


Oh man, I tried so hard to do a five color one, but it just didn't work. It always looked disappointing compared to the watercolor version, so I finally just threw out the color and did it all in white and it looked a lot better. Maybe someday I can come up with a 5 color version, but right now it's beyond me.


I really like this design! It would be nice to see the "earth" more abstract like the fish. There's great movement in the line quality of the fish and the bubbles, but then the earth just sits there all literal. Super close to a $5 for me

tee love

this is neat !


I might try the earth on the back and the bubbles going over the shoulder, but i really like the design, well done


you rock in the buttox congratulations di


VERY COOL. make it a bit smaller printed on tho..looks gorgeous!


i like it in gray. and that seafoamish color looks like it would be amazing, too. well done. $5


its so simple and beautiful.

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