Maori Fish Hook

Those of you from New Zealand will recognise much of the symbology in this design, the overall shape is of a fish hook (Hei-Matau) which features strongly in Maori culture (as NZ is believed to have been pulled out of the ocean by a young warrior using a fish hook made out of his grandfathers jawbone), and is said to bring luck to travelers as well as representing strength and prosperity. The spiral shapes (Koru) represent the new bud of a fern which forms this shape, and represents growth and purity.

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VEry nice. I like the meaning in it.


love it, I have the same exact pendant $5




Looks good on everything but the dark blue. $5


This is beautiful although on the colours where the lips are black, it looks a little sinister.


Oh beautiful. I have such a passion about New Zealand. $5!


I'm a kiwi and I like it... but probably wouldn't wear it because I'm a kiwi....

I don't want to look like I shopped in a souvenir shop


amazing design! like it on the second one (one of the blues) or the red.


Tip Top. I agree with jNINE. Good for those overseas.

barakhardley profile pic Alumni

Yeah, its about time someone tried doing tribal art!


I love it on tan, really brings out the face.


Again nice, but as a kiwi, I woudn't wear it. Its a shame it won't be selling in souvenir shops though


completely unrelated to the design, but... symbology? Really now?


I am so happy to see some one put a maori design on a shirt. and you added a modern feel to it i think. i absolutely love it. Thanks for being knowledgable and not just slapping any design you found on a shirt. this is great. 5$


i love the maori designs
check out ben harpers arms sometime

anyway i think this is a great rep of new zealand
this, and glennz


Thanks for the great comments people, it really makes all the hours worth while. I completely understand that it is probably not the best design for kiwis living in NZ, I originally made it for a fellow kiwi in the UK who wanted to wear something to remind him of home without always resorting back to the silver fern.


good submission ! -- my favorite is the khaki shirt


It looks best on the purple and the tan


khaki all the way.

It's an ok design. I love NZ and my kiwi buddies whom I never get to see.


the mighty silver fern

the ab's were lookin sharp over the summer
nz v ireland next world cup final


didn't say they'd win it.

as long as they stay out of france's way, they'll at least get to the final


I really love it on grey with black ink, and a close second is black with grey/white ink. $5


yeah great if i were on holiday in NZ and needed a T at the airport on the way home to prove i were there
nice try


I like the lightest color. 5.


Love the design. As far as color, I like it best on the tan shirt. 5.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

cool tribal!


its really cool. i like it on grey, tan, and red.


i love that there is story and symbolism to this shirt, not just something you thought looked cool. i'd go for either red or khaki.

Kay the Great

I love it on green, blue and red. Very creative! $5

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

its good to see some diversity on here but I think you need to think about how your design interacts with the t-shirt more.


sweet, i'm lovin the purple :3


damn! i cant pick just one color it looks so nice in all of them. coolness!

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