King of the Bamboo Grove

LOOK! before you vote read this.

i understand there are alot of panda submissions, but please just judge mine without thinking of the other ones. this one took awhile to figure out..

thanks for looking!

Watch this
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great! nice idea 5$


cool design! do the Chinese characters mean anything?


o yeah. thanks for reminding me cancer omega,

the chinese characters mean "KING OF PANDA'S"


I love pandas and i like this design.


Superfantastical. ;D 5$

saw this pre-sub and now feels super cool


Didn't you just submit this or did I see it in the blogs...
If it gets printed I hope there's no chinese text.


if there has to be text, the text should be changed. maybe change it into something with more meaning, like animal conservation. in my opinion, the text now does not really have any relation to your design.


Aww, I love the lantern!


Down the side, with chars, and I thought the lantern was a cricket cage (for luck) :(


yeah, originally i wanted it to be a cricket cage.. but i was like nah. lets put a candle in there instead. thanks for the comments guys.


i prefer it without the characters. and it doesn't matter if there are a lot of other panda subs, that just makes it more of a challenge to do something cool, which you did!


Lose the "text..."

...otherwise it's adorable.


well.. the text is just an option :D so it is like... half lost. you know what i mean? you dont need the text basically. thats what i was going at.


i like the design on the lower shirt (side placement) on sagestone, and maybe just the chinese characters on the sleeve. otherwise awesome colors and design.


this is pretty cool. i think you can do without the chinese characters. just the drawing itself is pretty sweet.


The stare on the Panda's face looks absent.. I'd sort of like it if the eyes were looking in a direction.


Who rides pandas? No characters, those can and im sure do say anything, we are uncultured americans for the most part, give us english or give us nothing!


Pandas......everywhere pandas! Maybe add a heart to it?


wow nocturne. thats pretty... ignorant hahaa.

DIDNT YOU READ THE FIRST POST dudervon? screw other pandas. this is the one for you! haha.


i really like this. i vote for keeping the characters. i think it enables the atypical/asymmetrical placement of the main graphic.


So many panda designs...


MY GOD are you stupid? i've already said that my design has NOTHING to do with the other designs with pandas. just because we use pandas doesn't mean that ours have anything in common. just look at it as any other design, not "another panda" design. god.


i'd keep the characters on the sleeve, but maybe lose the ones on the body of the shirt.


yeah groomio, its one or the other lol.


the boy looks weird looking

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