Fire works

  • by willypiva
  • posted Dec 29, 2006

Simple and wearable, hope you like it!

Watch this

Nice colors, just seems sorta big...maybe different placement?


Nice design:)


it's best to minimise the design. it's way too huge.


design is way too phallic

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni took five whole comments before someone lamely suggested this looks like a popped cock. i actually really dig this, especially the subtle butterfly look to the explosion and the fact i adore firework displays.


i like it, but I'd almost rather see it stitched than screened.


I agree the size is too much. Smaller perhaps.


stitched would be great, but "threadless" doesn't stitch ;)


nice simple and clean - good stuff


I like the size, it looks like it's exploding on his chest. Cool!


Different placement or size, plus now that frickingawesome mentions it, yeah it is quite phallic.

Toasty Crackers

I wonder if you could give it little rocket fins so that people are remnided of a rocket more than a penis. Because once you see it as a penis, the explosion really starts to throw you off. ......But that is mostly for those who are complaining about it. Love it, and would buy it if printed. 5$!


It's a wonderful design, don't get me wrong. But I think that some people would mistake it for something else BESIDES fireworks. You can possibly make it have a more firework effect by maybe adding some sparks to it, are just something of a firework concept. Great design, though. $4


what is wrong with you people. get therapy. or go look at an anatomical drawing of a cock. that DOES NOT look like a penis, or at least any I've ever seen. sheesh.

love it. great work. to me, it looks like a fire-fly or a butterfly, and it is lovely.


well the firework design is a little too high up... but the firework itself looks way too phallic like...


I'd rather wear this "display" than one of THOSE pearl necklaces. Sorry--just couldn't help myself.


i like it but yeah the placement is strange and it is a little big


i love the idea of a gigantic penis exploding on my chest...

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