In The Nest

Inspired by the lyrics of "The Island", I wanted to capture the poetic and fantastical nature of the girl as she is being brought up in her magical nest.

Watch this

I like it, but I'd like a different placement and maybe some colours or something. It's a pretty drawing though. :)


I agree with above comment - weirdly beautiful says it all.


I'm surprised by how much I love this but I agree with Archbar on the placement. I'm afraid it might look like someone was lassoing my chest.


I feel the need to clarify.

I'm surprised that I like it because I'm usually not a big fan of the swirly craze. But your swirlies are very well done and actually add to the beauty of the design as opposed to looking like a high school doodle or photoshop brush.

So there you go.


very nice

Alex M. Solefish

I really love the style of this drawing, and how delicate and beautiful it looks.


totally cool! where can I buy it?


perdy magical nest!!!!!


I like her face... but yes, more color would be nice... even if its just the shirt itself in pink or blue


ladybird! I love this. I agree that some colors might be nice.


send me a case of them


I love it, but what is the deal with all the decemberists shirts?


you know i love it. i think i will get married in the shirt-- it's that good.


I like this shirt but maybe the design would look better on the center of the shirt. Awesome drawing, it is really well done. I love it.


I don't even know who the Decemberists are, but I want a lot of the t-shirts people are designing for their contest!! $5


$5 on a more colorful shirt


this is beautiful


I love it. Great design. Drawing is amazing.


It's gorgeous, I love her! The expression is exquisite.

wee wee

love the swirlys!


Wow ! What a nest and what a beautiful combination of female and bird


I am not familar with the song and the artwork is not really my style, however, I really like the design. It has a very unique feeling when you look at it. The Nest describes it very well. My opinion on the placement is where it is or move it to the bottom. I can't see it working anywhere else.


i think its beautiful - placement isnt my favourite, but i'd buy it today!


I love the delicacy of the ink; I think adding any color would distract from the subtlety of variation. As always, your style amazes me. I love the whimsical tone you've captured here, but there remains that haunting quality that is the signature of your work.


I love the intricacy of the spirals. Something isn't right about the woman though, but that's just my opinion. No offence meant. The spirals are awesome though.


the woman looks a little unfinished, considering all the detail around her. i like her bird-face thing going on, but her legs especially need a little something so they stand out. love it so far, though.


I love the curlicues!! I agree a bit with Yeshe on the woman, although I do like the overall style of the design. 5$


different placement and it's a $5!!


very good designe

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