daisy dreams

interesting design, i don't think i'd wear it

Watch this
Oh Maris

I LOVE this! And would wear it, most definately. I'm not sure if I agree with the blue though. I think it would look a lot better on almost any other color.


like the girl - hate the dress


This would be great on a long tank


it would probably look a lot better on sage or green, but it's a nice design


lovely design, bad shirt color


the flower pattern on the shirt annoys me because it is obviously a photoshop brush (and a very popular recongnizable one)


Am I the only one seeing a shirt of Michael Jackson in a dress????


i'll never be able to view this design in the same way again shudder thanks fiddledd


not to mention... why are you sub'n a shirt that you are already selling yourself? please do not use threadless for that


"not to mention... why are you sub'n a shirt that you are already selling yourself? please do not use threadless for that"

Because I like to read what people have to say! Maybe I need to rework the design, or I can do something better. This is a great place to do that.


I like it : ). Perfect for my daughter


I'd love it on a different color


Great design - I like it the way it is. I'll definitely buy it! $5


I kinda hate to bring this up but i think she bears some similarity to Michael Jackson.


I like the design but I do not like it on blue, not this deep blue anyway.
A light green or a softer hue of blue.


" xiiiin on Dec 30 '06
not to mention... why are you sub'n a shirt that you are already selling yourself? please do not use threadless for that"

Anyone can submit on threadless. You don't make the rules so shut up.

I'd wear that dress. Nice.


I like your stuff on skreeened.


the eyes are kinda scary but otherwise great

the communist hippie

the shadows on the right arm don't seem to make sense. and not on blue - maybe grey or green?


it's pretty, but I wouldn't wear it


Making the dress out of the daisies only would be cool.


I don't like the blue... Another color maybe?

Also, I guess it's ok, since it's a little different than the other one?

"The participant will keep ownership of the submitted design. The participant may display or archive the design in a portfolio or personal collection, but may not sell or reproduce the design for commercial purposes for ninety (90) days after the design has completed scoring. In addition, during this period, the participant cannot submit the design to another company to be potentially produced. Once this time frame has passed, if the design was not chosen for print by Threadless, the participant is free to use the design for commercial purposes, however the participant must email Threadless to notify where and when it will be produced so that it can be removed from the Threadless.com website. Also, if the design is printed elsewhere, the participant cannot use the Threadless blogs to promote the product or another company.

The Design must be the participant's own original work and may not have been previously published. The Design may not contain the trademarks, logos, copyrighted works or intellectual property of any third parties, or any material, which Threadless.com in its sole discretion deems to be profane or offensive. "


Interesting, but I think something is missing. Maybe add more to it.


I like this, but I agree that something is missing. Feels a little unbalanced.


I like the idea.
And i agree also.. something is missing..

I won't make any suggestions, I may give bad ones..


cool. i like her dress


yeah i don't like the color either... it's very good other than that.


fat chicks shouldn't wear prints...


i like the flowers alot but not sure about the woman on my shirt. i think light blue would be better.

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