The Last Son of Melmac

Some of us refuse to accept the 1996 made-for-TV movie as official canon.

Watch this

make the design bigger and it's a $5.


what rachel said

southworth profile pic Alumni

Design=Bigger. Check.

I was thinking that myself, but I've seen too many condemnations of over sized designs to be confident in such a decision.


i'm giving you a $5 .. but please bigger!!!


Ahahahahaha. Awesome! Love your illustrations. Crazy talent. $5


I hated the show, but with the x-ray I can imagine him in a deadlike form. $5

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SheepMan, I am preparing your medal as we speak.

Do you prefer yellow or white gold?


Some of us refuse to accept the season long animated series as official canon as well


Ahhh, memories. But he will return to our screens during the summer. He ALWAYS does.


Alf scared me then and still does now.


for some reason alf reminds me of Michael Jackson, why is that?


This shirt blows away my Alf pogs! 5$ Paul!


great. not sure i'd make the design bigger.


bigger!!!! it´s great!!!! $5


I watched Alf as a Kid, I've watched it now. I'd wear this shirt. $5!

Willie: You're meeting my brother, it´s not the Pope!
ALF: I'd rather meet the Pope. I love his hats.

Hattori Hanzo

nice t-shirt, maybe it will be better if bigger

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

0 god this is good nostalgia....BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGER LIKE THIS!!! and its an automatic 5$ I'll give that anyway cause i know you;ll do as your told...jk!!! Really funny ,and the "unidentified feline object" is genius.


not only unique but fanstastic! I love that it's glow-in-the-dark.


Remember Alf, he's t-shirt form. $5


I'd wear it, but the graphic needs to be larger~


Very nice.... 5$ :)


bahaha i luv how the date is 3/14... mmm pie =D

.... well i actually can't tell if its 24 or 14... o well awsum design!


I don't get the 3/14 reference that suziiscool mentions.. anyhow, love the design. I mean, ALF!!! I still remember the very first episode and how he lands and then helps the kids make french toast for breakfast for their parents... or am I getting mixed up with something else...

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The date in the upper left was the date of the final cliffhanger ALF episode, wherein he is trapped between the US government and his friends from Melmac. We all know what REALLY happened.

Scarlet Varlet

Include me in Makeitbigger Love it. Animated Alf was the best, but DVD that came out has scenes cut :( Got 2 seasons of reg. series for Christmas :)

Dr. Wily



if i remember correctly alf actually had eight stomachs...thats a whole litter of kittens!

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Yes, I am aware that ALF had eight stomachs, but that didn't really read as well as one, so I eschewed continuity in favor of clarity.



I really like the concept, but Alf is nothing we should be remembering...ever....ever...ever.


Ah Alf...who could forget his cat eating tendencies, his jokes about poop, his drunken womanizing. Glow in the dark is a huge plus in my book! I comand you to start working on a Goonies themed shirt now! That or Labyrinth! Why? Because the 80s are balla. 5 points

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