shark bird!!!

this was inspired by a really bad dream i had

Watch this

i like the fact that this was inspired by a dream, but the design could use some work.


It's an interesting drawing... although not one I'd necessarily want to wear.


I may not wear it but it's interesting and thought provoking. I am sure if I stood on my head long enough, I could even get some meaning from it. I might buy this if it were available.


i like shirt and dont want to take anything away from it... but it makes me think of catfish... have u thought of making a catfish, but instead of a fish looking like a cat... a cat looking like a fish? this design made me think anyways... i like


i totatly dig it


get rid of the shark sun


i dig it too.. and i could also do without the sharkish sun

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Actually, the only thing I like about this is the shark sun -__-; This looks way too much like it was done in Paint.


The box-framed sky really needs to go; instead just make the shirt the color of the sky. Also, the bird on the right is twisting its head in quite an unnatural way; I doubt that even shark birds could twist their necks that much.


that has to be the cutest thing i've ever seen


I like it, love the sun, $5!

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I also subbed a shark design that didn't do well. Threadless hates sharks.


haha this is soo cool, id buy it


the box frame and the way the sun shark is done make it look like clipart... resolve the background and remove sunshark and it'll be much better imo!

Princess Potato

A bird may love a fish, but where would they build a house?

cast the sky

come on threadless..... lets end the hate! Sharks are people too! Vote for Shark Bird!


I laughed. And the perched sharkbird is the man. But I wish the design was a tad better.

cast the sky

come on people! its supposed to be simplistic and childish. thats where it gets its charm! a realistic shark bird rendering would just be terrifying. i wouldn't want a realistic shark bird on my shirt. They're scary! i would know. i had a horrible dream about them.

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