nun's don't use tampons?

  • by awoodward
  • posted Dec 15, 2006

this t-shirt design is about a faq i read on a playtex box, it said.."if you use tampons are you still considered a virgin?"

and that's what i thought about it.

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Wow. This freaks me out. Especially since I go to a Catholic school...ew.


Um...I'd have to say no without even thinking about it. Blood makes me squirm uneasily.


And I just noticed the display picture. Very tacky. :[


hmm... interesting idea, but unwearable.


This is gross and wierd.


Wearing this out would definitely cause a ruckus! WoW!


awesome! a 5!


extremely original, and hilarious, but theres no way this is going on a shirt. but kudos on the balls.


hahahahahahahahahahaha, this is one of the funniest ive ever seen


disturbing, too much red


I love it! Disturbing LIKE A FOX!


Finally, my wish has come true: a women vaginally bleeding on a shirt. You definitely have the design skills, but that's just friggin gross.


what the eff is going on????


Um, there is absolutely no way this will get printed.

deepspacemonkey profile pic Alumni

You've certainly generated some controversey, and I applaud. And, the simplicity and "how to" nature of the thumbnail is genious.


Tacky much? The thumbnail's just gross.


The thumbnail should be the t-shirt design! Much more subtle and totally wearable...


Word mincing here. Tacky shows a lack of taste on the side of the tasteless, cheap and, flashy. Forgetting the subject matter for a second. The design is efficient, simple, and clean. If it's tacky at all I would point to the blood pool and nipples. I get that the nipples show both nudity, and make the image more assailing. But if you take away both the nipples and the execss blood the image begins to communicate the idea more efficiently. The subject matter being now regarded, yeah it's vulgar as h***. Work on your hands and feet as they seem a bit odd. mayhaps simplify the form more. I get the impression of having worked on top of a source picture. The way the form is rendered gives me that impression. What looks right is better for design than what 'is' right. Tinker with out the source.
-In response "you should be excommunicated for this sacrilege" That's an assumption. Have a sense of humor about yourself. Lord knows everyones else probably does.


sorry mate but the worst taste i've seen so far...


The only thing I see that's tacky about this is the pool of blood at her feet. The religious aspect of this is great, as the Catholic Church spends a lot of energy trying to make human beings as sterile and loveless as possible. She may be a nun, but she's still a woman, dammit.


wow... just... wow...


ok, i go to a cotholic school, but i am not personally catholic. i am actually one of the least religious people you will find, but this desing still offends me. While I understand the humor, you need to learn how to make your work more tasteful. Honestly, agreeing with "Naive", the nipples and pool of blood is overkill, and that isn't even touching upon your display image. I believe that nudity is only acceptable if it is used with taste and consideration. You failed to do both of these, congrats!


Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I kindof have to agree with the gross & disturbing comments, but offensive...ehh not really. Just not an image I'd want to wear on my shirt.


you get a 5$ for this, and another 5$ for the thumnail,
want to see more of your sick stuff,


I think it is great! I agree with Naive that the feet are a little odd and that the nipples and pool of blood are superfluous.
But that note is on the packaging for a good reason.
A lot of girls are so convinced that sexuality is all they have to offer the world that they are willing to inconvenience themselves, give up their daily lives or forego the things that they ought to be doing (like training fo the swim team?) because they are worried that tampons will somehow take away part of their worth.


I love this.
I also went to a Catholic high school, but am not religious myself. I have never been a fan of the Catholic religion and this design says a lot to me in how women are protrayed and how they govern themselves according to rules some old dudes with god-complexes have invented.
Agree, I think the nipples are over kill. I give you a 5$ anyway!

staffell profile pic Alumni

holy shit



this is so disgusting..


the concept is great tough I don't like the way you drew it :(


To quote the Joker, "This town needs an enema." Come on people, this isn't THAT shocking. I just quoted the Joker. That's pretty shocking...


eeeeeeeew not on a shirt!


lol! where's pseudonymjones?


are you serious?
you dont wear shit like that


wtf, dude. I was raised Roman Ctholic and I'm so not offended. It's not gonne get printed :[ but I still think it's dunny.


funny, wtf. rawr. Irony since I'm in English class.


Based on the design alone; the line quality is bad and the outline is disproportionate. Poorly presented


Absolutely horrible. Do something creative with your talents.

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