• by king_kool
  • posted Dec 14, 2006

It's a monkey with a guitar! There is nothing more playful than that.

Watch this

You know the longer I stare at this the more I want to laugh. You ever play the original ET videogame for Atari? This sort of looks like a really well done Atari alien choking a flamingo, or getting ready to fire that assault blob on an attacking aerial leech.


the monkey's tail is missing.


i think i'd like it with more detail. cute idea though.


NO the point is that it's not detailed and it has old school video game style--but yeah, it doesnt look like a monkey, i don't see a tail...maybe put a banana on the side? I really like how you went about the picture though, awesome


thats looks like a bald kid. not a monkey...........


this is teh bestest thingulingu that i'vee eber xseen


The monkey is also missing ears. :|


needs a tail and ears!
it just looks like a naked black guy.

skvan jeti

i would totally wear this because its AWESOME!!;) $5

skvan jeti

hm hmm playful naked black guy with a guitar. that would also work i guess. only black guys dont play guitars. they rap

skvan jeti

oh and if it were a naked black guy the thing missing would be his giant black cock dontcha think?

dr. loopy94

lmao...but could be bigger

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